Marketing is no longer exclusively a huge corporations’ concern. It is essential for small businesses, young entrepreneurs, bloggers, and other content/product creators. 

A large number of new entrepreneurs are students. Thanks to technology and the Internet, it is easier than ever to launch a small business while in college. Some earn some extra money with it, and others dream of building an empire. 

In any case, it is vital to go along with modern marketing trends. The problem for many student entrepreneurs is the lack of time. They have to balance studies with work and stay on top of the industry. Students have to deal with academic overload and lots of written assignments on top of their business. 

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In terms of marketing, here are the most prominent things to consider in 2022. 

Trust is the Key

Today, marketing is all about building trust with customers. According to Edelman’s report “Top 10 Canadian Trust Insights”:

  • 50% of buyers believe that businesses are purposely misleading them; 
  • 69% of respondents expect CEOs to express accountability before the general public and a board of directors; 
  • 85% of customers want CEOs to speak about societal challenges; 
  • 65% of respondents expect business CEOs to step up on fixing said challenges in case the government fails to do so. 

These stats show that expectation from businesses is much higher than in previous decades. Consumers expect not only an excellent product but also a strong position and action. Buyers want to trust their money to companies they share beliefs and ethics with.

What does it mean for marketing? It is all about authenticity, transparency, accountability, and consistency. 

Data Protection

One of the things you need to know about digital marketing in 2022 is that the cookies will be gone soon. 

Before, third-party data collection and cookies were extremely useful for marketers. They could follow the customers around the web and personalize the ads and offers. But the public perception of data security and collection has drastically changed in recent years. 

Customers want to be sure that their information is safe. People are extremely concerned about the data and how it is collected and used. Google announced the elimination of cookies for Chrome in 2023. Apple also works on the iOS update where users can decide whether to share their data or not. 

This news is great for users but not so great for marketers. They’ll need to find new ways to reach out to the audience and connect to them. They will have to be transparent and honest about their policies with customers. 

Customer Experience

This is not a particularly new trend. The customer experience is still at the center of almost any business. There are so many excellent products and offers that clients make their choice based on experience. 

For example, you are looking for an online course in video editing. There are tons of them. Many of them are well-made and given by industry experts. So, the decision might depend on the price but also the user experience – how comfortable this course is for you and how easy it is to get. 

Hyper-Local Marketing

IoT creates a lot of options for experiences and marketing. Aiming the strategy based on location has existed for a while now. The majority of marketers use geographical location in their work. It is usually almost 20 times more effective than wider campaigns. But it can get to a completely new level. 

For example, a person gets a notification on their smartphone about a sale offer as soon as they walk past the shop. 

Or one can get a push notification that they have no milk at home while being near the grocery store. 

Local Marketing

Video Content

When it comes to digital marketing, content is the king. Nothing can change that. But the idea of what is good content changes as well. 

Nowadays, video is the most effective medium. According to Cisco statistics, 82% of online traffic goes to video content. It is much more likely to generate organic traffic and conversions. And the majority of marketers agree that video is at the center of their current strategies. 

There is also a trend for a shorter format, especially with the rise of Tik Tok. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

There have been a lot of talks about SEO for years now. Today, the hot topic is conversion rate optimization. 

After all, it is not how many people click the link but how many of them will buy the product. This is particularly important for digital marketers, so there is more focus now on A/B testing, CTAs, fonts, colors, other website visuals, etc. 

Social Commerce

Social commerce becomes mainstream for eCommerce businesses. First of all, it goes perfectly with influencer marketing strategies. Secondly, it is comfortable for customers to buy something directly via social media platforms, like Instagram Checkout. 

Tik Tok is also a huge player in this trend with Creator Marketplace and Shopping features. With them, companies can engage with clients directly and meaningfully. 


Micro-influencers have more trust from their following. They are well-known in their niche subjects and often communicate with the audience directly. No wonder their collaboration with brands can be more efficient than paying for huge influencers that promote everything. It is all about the diversification of content, personalized reach, and credibility. 

In Summary

Marketing goes hand in hand with societal changes and public perception. Today, customers expect brands more transparent about their ethical stances and data policies. They also want to buy from companies that offer excellent and individualized experiences.