Artificial intelligence is making the world smarter. No doubt, this tool has become prominent amongst others in digital marketing. From analyzing risks to automating tasks, it is transforming the way things used to work. 

Companies incorporating automation into their systems helped in eliminating the repetitive, time-consuming, manual tasks done by humans, saving both time and effort. 

For example, the introduction of chatbots on websites, assisting consumers with online payments or other related services has extracted human intervention from very little to nothing. 

Even educational institutions today have realized the rising significance of AI and have initiated PG in digital marketing to make students polish their skills in it.  

What is AI?

AI or artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence through machine learning and computer systems. Though this technology is broadly used in industries, government, and science, it is being universally adopted in digital marketing as well. 

It generally includes the application of human speech recognition, natural language processing, expert systems, etc. These marketers are utilizing this mechanism to make adequate strategies. 

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Ways in which companies use AI in Digital Marketing to Improve Customer Satisfaction.

In this section, we’ll cover the applications of AI that marketing companies are utilizing to progress.

  1. Chatbots – They are AI-powered designed software to initiate conversation with users. They are available for both auditory and textual communications. They are used by websites as well. 

Not only tailored to respond quickly but to enhance the consumer’s experience, too. They are the primary service providers, who collect information from users, guiding businesses in understanding the consumer’s requirements and preferences better. 

Chatbots can also convey personalized messages, assisting users through the sales funnel by asking them questions and advising them about a relevant good or service. 

For example, National Australia Bank (NAB) launched a chatbot as a virtual banker that saves time for business customers on administrative tasks. 

  1. Predictive and Targeted Content – By employing an AI mechanism, consumer data is collected to anticipate their future behavior. 

Then, highly targeted content is developed and developed, relevant to them. This stuff is disseminated through several channels such as email marketing, chatbots, website blogs, etc. 

This also helps in re-engaging and bridging the gap between brands 

and consumers who were disassociated with them in the past. 

  1. Content Creation – AI-generated articles, blogs, email subject lines, and social media ads are another relief for companies. The creation is a time-consuming and resource-intensive task for humans, but the expert system does that in minutes or even seconds. 

This technology has evolved so much that readers can’t even differentiate if the stuff is humanly written or machine language. 

Businesses create consumer-focused and purposeful content using AI specifically knitted to provide information about their product or service. And it saves countless hours for writers and the salary provided to them.

  1. Image Recognition Technology – Another advanced application to enhance user experience and increase the credibility of the organization. This software analyses and identifies objects within images. For example, a clothing brand using image recognition in its application will allow consumers to upload a picture of an outfit and provide them with similar results. 

This started with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., allowing people to tag each other in the images and suggesting people in images by their accounts. 

These four examples of artificial intelligence systems explain how powerful this automation is. And leveraging them can take companies to new heights. They are not only useful for businesses but also for consumers.

If these examples are enough to make you rethink AI technology, then it is worth considering looking for colleges offering Masters in digital marketing and enhancing your strategies by utilizing AI. 

Do You Know?
57% of B2B marketers in the U.S. use chatbots in their demand generation programs to understand their audience better, while 55% of them said they use chatbots to generate leads. 


The significance of artificial intelligence in digital marketing strategies is imperative. The scope of growth in this industry is endless. 

This automation not only helps in eliminating repetitive duties, saving time and effort for humans but also helps in mapping out future plans effectively. 

From personalizing user experience to planning growth approaches, machine learning is going to evolve even more with time. 

Being a budding online marketer, it is vital to value the use of them together for better future business practices.