Six Sigma is an approach to project management that focuses on the decreasing of wastes and faulty products thus helping in profit maximization. It has various kinds of certifications like – Six Sigma green belt, Six Sigma black belt, Six Sigma master belt, etc. Six Sigma black belt has been preferred by candidates aiming for a better future in project management as it caters to jobs like the project head, project manager, team lead, etc. The Six Sigma black belt is loaded with advantages and benefits removing any doubt that might creep up someone’s mind against it. 

The cost of the examination for the ASQ members is a bit less, i.e., $ 100 less to be exact. The cost is about $438 per applicant. For Non-members, the examination registration costs approximately US $538.

It invariably recognizes the project handling, communication skills, relationship building, risk-taking abilities, critical thinking, problem-solving, monitoring, resource management, etc. of the candidate required to handle a project smoothly and successfully. It is a solid ground for the company to entrust in a candidate that has already inculcated the valuable traits a project could ask for. Six Sigma Black Belt certification covers the areas of proper planning and resources availing before the initiation of the project that makes the candidate capable to leave no stone unturned to incur a loss. The certification also testifies the processes that help in auditing and analyzing the loopholes and mishandling which might have lead to the missing of the target. The seven principles, seven themes, and seven processes of Six Sigma Black Belt concepts make a candidate thorough enough with all-around aspects of project management and that is all a firm requires to hire.

The certification not only stabilizes the career of the candidate owing to jobs and hiring but also serves a great part in achieving higher posts and greater remuneration in terms of the increased wide acceptability of the candidate irrespective of the call of the project objective, thus, it allows the company to choose a truly vulnerable aspirant for the required post/ task. As the certification includes an all-around testifying of the candidate’s understanding, ability, time management, leadership qualities, it thus paves the way for a single check sufficient environment for the interviewer/recruiter while recruiting a professional.

A project leader turns employees into a team. He/she needs to possess a high level of mental stability as well work efficiency, a command over his subordinates as well as flexibility. They are expected to create an unfading mark on their teammates’ minds and personalities to guide and motivate them. Six Sigma Black Belt helps a leader to seek the best praises to him and his team, thus maximizing the profit with simultaneously minimizing extra expenditure and risks. Credible training like Six Sigma Black Belt training focuses on these aspects especially.

One good turn deserves another. An overall well-managed project in terms of resources like cost, labor, man-hours, and not compromised with that of efficiency, profit, etc. A well-trained and certified official will manage the resources at hand along with a better understanding of his teammates. That way he/she will distribute the work equally resulting in the grand success of the project. Thus a well-trained and certified candidate is a well-sought opportunity for the company for higher profit and better projects.

Six Sigma Black Belt has been deemed to be better and thus a bit tougher than other such certification tests like PMP, etc. The recruiters have a general inclination for candidates with Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification today too, validating its demand.

Owing to its global acceptability, the recruiter can as well send the candidate overseas as the project calls for without any hassle. Almost in all countries of the world, Six Sigma Black Belt certification has been deemed to be a better characteristic to search for in the applications that arrive for an interview rather than any other qualification.