The cybercriminal landscape is becoming more complex by the day. The techniques and tricks that hackers and phishing scammers use are becoming more advanced as new technologies are being invented. This calls for serious action on the part of companies and people using internet-connected devices like computers, laptops, and mobiles. They cannot afford to ignore the threats that their systems are vulnerable to. 

Firstly, you must choose a reliable internet plan such as those offered in Cox bundles. But that is not enough. Even the most reputable ISPs emphasize protecting your systems. Thankfully, there are many good options for antivirus providers. They offer strong virus protection and advanced features against scams. The best part is they’re a breeze to install and use. So if you are looking for quality antivirus software for your operating system, the below-mentioned list can help you make a good choice. 

#1. Nortan 360

 Norton 360 offers a superior level of virus and malware protection. It makes sure that all the information stays private as well as secure. The best part is that it works smoothly across all operating systems, especially Android and Windows. 

Nortan has a unique scanning engine. It is powered by machine learning and heuristic analysis. This allows it to scan, find, and remove the most advanced types of malware. It is extremely simple to use. And if you are a technical user, you can use the advanced settings to customize your security. 

There are many Nortan 360 packages that you can choose from. They all have excellent features. These include password manager, VPN, secure firewall, and more. Even the most basic Nortan 360 plan comes with 10 GB cloud storage, real-time malware protection as well as VPN access with unlimited data. 

If you need additional protection, you can upgrade to Nortan 360 Deluxe or Nortan 360 with LifeLock. Overall, it is a very easy reliable, and easy-to-use solution. It is most suitable for home users who want an intuitive antivirus with advanced cybersecurity protection at a low cost. The company offers a 7-day trial period as well as a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

#2. Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender’s antivirus engine uses Al, machine learning, and malware database to detect malware and protect against it. Since its engine is cloud-based, all the scanning is done on the cloud server. This takes the load off your operating system.

The software also offers advanced settings for those who wish to customize their security protection. You can set custom scans for specific areas of your system. These include new files, network shares, scripts, and more. 

Besides customization, tons of other features make Bitdefender a safe choice for both mobiles as well as computers. These include parental controls, ransomware protection, password manager, and system optimizer among others. Its VPN is among the best you will find in the market. It provides super-fast access to encrypted servers across the world. 

Bitdefender Total Security works on all operating systems and is thus a safe option. It is also much cheaper as compared to its competitors as it offers regular deals. The company gives its customers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

#3. Avast Premium Security & Avast Ultimate

Priced at $59.99 a year, Avast Premium Security has many advanced security features. These include a file shredder, a capable firewall as well as a Wi-Fi inspector that is always looking out for vulnerabilities in your network. All these features work equally well on all operating systems.

Other than these, it also has privacy tools such as Sensitive Data Shield. It helps you locate and protect files that have confidential personal information. Then there is a software update feature that ensures all the applications on your system are upgraded timely. Avast Premium Security is also highly configurable and very simple to install as well as use. 

Another Avast antivirus option you have is Avast Ultimate ($99.99). It gives you Premium Security along with the company’s SecureLine VPN. It also offers additional tools to clean up your system. Its VPN is not the best. But, if you want a package that has advanced security features plus VPN, then this is certainly a good deal. 

#4. McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection is one of the best antiviruses for online security. Available for $69.99, it has possibly every internet security feature you can think of. From encrypted storage to VPN and from the password manager to malware protection, this software has it all. So there is no reason you’d regret investing in it.

One of the features that stands out in this security software is that of ‘My Home Network.’ As the name suggests, it provides the user with a map of all the devices that connect to the home Wi-Fi network. The map is very easy to read and it gives you complete control over your web security. What more could you ask for?