The order of this listing of PCB production groups in the USA is random. No first or 2nd preference. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) ought to pick the nice corporation that meets their expectancies in phrases of layout, production, lead time, and price effectiveness.

1. Advanced Circuitry International (ACI)

ACI is dependent on an international magnificence producer and provider of RF, Microwave, and Antenna PCBs. This corporation has a production facility in Georgia (United States), Atlanta (United States), Curitiba (Brazil), and Chandīgarh (India). ACI is the United States’ main producer of PCBs of High Reliability, RF/Microwave Antenna, PCBs for Aerospace, Defense, Telecommunications, and Medical Devices. Their predominant recognition is on RF/Microwave, Antenna, Large Format, Multilayer PCBs, Rapid Prototyping, and PCB Assembly Services. 

Best PCB manufacturer

2. Rush PCB Inc.

RUSH PCB Inc is your supply for excessive first-rate Printed Circuit Boards. Located inside the coronary heart of Silicon Valley, California, and their expenses are many of the nice with inside the industry. They are dedicated to first-rate and patron satisfaction. Some in their merchandise carrier consist of:

  • PCB Manufacturing
  • PCB Assembly
  • Full Turnkey PCB
  • Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB
  • BGA

3 Custom Circuit Boards 

Custom Circuit Boards is a complete carrier brief flip PCB producer placed in Phoenix, Arizona with the ability to manufacture your prototype and manufacturing an amount of Printed Circuit Boards.

Their abilities consist of Manufacturing PCBs of 1-forty Layers with Board Material. They can cater to your want or layout, small quantity prototypes, medium or excessive quantity manufacturing – all inside budget. 

4. Journey Circuits Inc 

Located entirely in Illinois, United States, Journey Circuits is one of the largest PCB manufacturers in the country. Their services and products consist of – PCB Manufacturing, PCB Assembly, and Stencils.

Their excessive first-rate, dependable and cost-effective Printed Circuit Boards and Assemblies are utilized in industries consisting of Communications, Medical Equipment, Industrial, Aerospace, Computers, Automotive, Power, and Instrumental Industries. 

5. Techno Tronix

Techno tronix is primarily based totally in California, United States. This corporation is Professional PCB Manufacturer presenting Custom PCB production, meeting, fabrication, and PCB Prototyping according to patron requirements.

Their international magnificence and notably depended on PCB and PCBA are broadly utilized in industries like Aerospace, Defense, Wireless Telecommunications, Medical, Renewable, and Solar Energy, Rigid-Flex PCB Technology. 

6. Red Board Circuits, LLC

Red board Circuits is primarily based totally in Arizona, United States. All their PCBs are synthetic in Taiwan and China and are RoHS and Lead-Free Compliance. They are certainly considered one of the most important complete carrier PCB producers and providers in the course of North America.

They are producers of various Types of Red Board Circuits Logo PCB for each software and each industry. Their capabilities consist of –

  • Single-Sided PCB
  • Double-Sided PCB
  • Multi-layers PCB (three to 36 layers)
  • Rigid-Flex PCB
  • Flex PCB
  • HDI (High-Density Interconnect)
  • Aluminum and Metal Core
  • Blind, Buried, and Micro vias
  • RF (Radio Frequency) and Microwave
  • Castellated Holes and Countersink
  • Heavy Copper – 6 oz
  • Epoxy Plugging – 

7. Next Logic 

Next Logic is primarily based totally in California, United States. They specialize in price-powerful PCB Designing, PCB Fabrication, PCB Assembly, and Testing. This corporation gives the one-forestall answer for PCB-Free PCB meeting services.

Their excessive first-rate and dependable PCBs and PCB Assemblies are broadly applied in exceptional industries including – scientific, military/defense, semiconductor groups, telecom, commercial, and oceanographic. 

8. A.C.T. (USA) Int’l LLC 

A.C.T is primarily based totally in Florida, United States. They manufacture exceptional forms of PCB and PCB meeting services. They manufacture all their merchandise with the very best PCB era and first-rate standards. Their services and products consist of:

Single-sided via 22 layer PCBs

Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex, Metal Core

RoHS compliant revealed circuit forums

9. Epic Engineered Technologies 

Epic Engineered Technologies is primarily based totally in Massachusetts, United States with a presence in the course of North America, Asia, and Western Europe. They provide custom-designed PCB answers to OEMs. They make certain the maximum accurate, timely, and price-powerful layout and production process.

Epic Engineered Technologies recognition on layout and production of excessive dependable electronics for scientific devices, test & size equipment, military & aerospace electronics, portable & patron electronics, commercial programs, and automotive & transportation industry. 

10. JY Circuit

JY Circuit or JYC is primarily based totally in California, United States. The corporation producers huge range revealed circuit forums of excessive first-rate at a very aggressive rate with a brief transport time frame. Their PCBs are utilized by a number of the pinnacle digital groups in the USA. They have knowledge in production:

  • Single and Double Sided Board JYC Logo
  • Multi-Layer Board
  • Flexible Board
  • Rigid Flexible Board
  • Metal Board
  • Teflon Board
  • Back Board
  • Back Board
  • Build up Board
  • Heavy Copper Board …