Every business requires automating its services, which calls for an Angular developer to handle the project. The common problem most businesses face is determining how to hire an Angular developer and knowing how much it costs to hire an Angular developer. If that sounds like something you want clarification for, you are in the right guide. 

We understand how confusing it can be to decide how much budget you should have to hire a competent Angular developer. This guide will discuss what factors determine the cost of hiring an Angular developer and mention the cost range for acquiring an Angular developer.

Factors Determining the Cost of Hiring Angular Developers

When businesses want to develop web applications, Angular developers come in handy. Besides, Angular applications are easy to manage and save development time. So, if you want to hire Angular developers effortlessly, you must consider the cost-per-hire and various factors that determine it.

Your Project Size and Complexity

The size of a project is a crucial aspect that determines how much you will spend on it. A project is categorized into three. A small-size project costs cheaper and has minimal requirements. Besides, the smaller the project, the less complexity involved. If you are a startup business, your project is likely small.

A mid-size project has higher requirements and utilizes APIs and integrations to achieve more functionality. Additional costs are incurred when you must purchase the required third-party integrations. 

An enterprise-grade project has the most requirements, making it the most complex type of project. More resources are required to actualize it, and the development phases increase. 

Ideally, you expect to spend more on a complex project than a small-size project.

Developer’s Expertise

The skill set and experience of the Angular developer are crucial in determining how much they charge. The rates depend on three developer levels.

A junior developer is starting in the industry and has less experience. Hence, junior developers are the cheapest in the category. They charge from $10 per hour. Again, you can’t have a complex project and expect a junior developer to deliver it comfortably. So, junior developers are hired for small-size projects. 

A mid-senior developer has an average of 5 years of experience and is comfortable with most tools and languages to power the Angular development of a mid-size project. Most mid-senior developers charge $35 per hour.

Lastly, senior developers are the most respected in the industry. They have 7 years of experience and are well-advanced in different technologies and tools to handle enterprise-grade projects. If you want to hire a senior Angular developer, expect to incur a higher cost, $50 to $100 per hour, but their skillset guarantees quality development.


Where are you outsourcing the Angular developer? Here’s the thing, different regions have different charges for developers. A region like the USA has the most expensive developer charges, while other regions like India have affordable and competent developers.

So, the region where you source your Angular developer determines how much they will charge you. Suppose you are in a region that doesn’t have the skillset you require. You can always rely on an outsourcing agency like JayDevs. The company will handle the outsourcing process for you and screen the Angular developer to ensure they are competent enough to handle your project.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Angular Developers

There are different price ranges for hiring an Angular developer based on the factors presented earlier. For instance, if you want a long-term engagement with a developer, they will likely charge you less than when you want a short-term engagement with them. 

Besides, if you have a fixed engagement, your project isn’t flexible enough to accommodate changing requirements. In that case, you can incur a lesser cost.

The main determining factor for how much it costs to hire an Angular developer is location. You will spend the least cost outsourcing an Agular developer in Asia. Angular developers from a country like India charge an average of $7,200 yearly. The Philippines charges $15,700, and Israel $44,720.

Countries in North America and Western Europe have the most expensive Angular developers. In the USA, the yearly average for an Angular developer is $84,870, while in the UK, the average is $45,920. Alternatively, some freelance marketplaces like Upwork have Angular developers charge from $10 per hour for a junior developer. 

You can filter your query to find an Angular developer that fits your budget, preferred location, and expert skill. 


The cost of hiring an Angular developer depends on the developer’s location, expertise, and complexity of your project. We’ve detailed how these factors affect the cost. Moreover, we’ve offered a price range for Angular developers in different regions. If this sounds like too much work, consider using JayDevs outsourcing agency to handle the work for you.

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