Making progress is one of the objectives of every business. It isn’t a simple affair as you need to take into consideration different variables and to be privy to the mindset of your prospective and loyal clients. However, everyone can achieve success through the use of cutting-edge sales tools.

The efficiency of sales managers has been proven to be related to the series of the resources they leverage. Prosperous sales reps admit applying sales tools in favor of their work. First-time salesmen should also learn about the existing technologies to be ready to use them. Besides, introducing them in the training process will save the time of a traineeship.

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Indispensable types of sales tools

Sales tools are considered to be online tools which are implemented by sales experts to facilitate their job. They comprise multiple technologies. Some of them will be introduced in this article. The following kinds of tools are distinguished:

  • Prospecting tools
  • Email control tools
  • Presentation tools
  • Contract lifecycle management tools
  • Learning management solutions
  • Social media management tools

Sales tools connected with prospecting

This kind of technology is essential in terms of receiving relevant data about behavior of potential and current customers. The objectives of prospecting sales tools are to aid with defining the target people, to provide the salesmen with means of how to communicate with them, what to talk about and how often to get in touch with them. According to statistical evidence, approximately two thirds of sales pros admit that this kind of technology has played an indispensable role in making deals.

Something to start thinking about outside your sales tools, but very useful in synergy with your sales tools, is an overall resource planning strategy. When you realize all the things you will need to do to keep the business humming along from human resource management to hiring and finance, extracting growth from understanding everything that’s going on and being organized you will start looking for an ERP system. This is an all-in-one solution with many choices of variable options and benefits that can help you make better hires, and sales, and be completely in the know about your business and its potential.

Sales reps are able to access contextual information, local and intend data with prospecting sales tools. This type is more concentrated on geographical features than others. It is necessary to draw attention to the following examples of prospecting tools:

  • BuiltWith which focuses on peculiar technologies that enterprises apply.
  • MatterMark which provides sales reps with the possibility to establish a roster of concrete potential clients by involving a broad-based economic database.
  • Aeroleads whose purpose is to search for contact details of any business customer immediately.
  • that is distinctive in integrating peculiarities of a sending engine and an email finder.
  • LeadFuze which collects contact information in an automatic manner.

Email management tools by the example of an email inbox tester

When somebody goes into business nowadays, one can’t neglect emails as one of the means to offer, advertise and sell their items or services. Skilled sales representatives are often aware of software that enables them to make the best of emails. There are different variants of sales tools related to email management.

One variant of email control tools is considered to be an email inbox tester. Its purpose is to test email delivery in order to ensure that your messages land into the Inbox. There are multiple email deliverability tools. One of the Folderly sales tools is a trustworthy mail tester which gives you the possibility to present yourself as a reliable sender in the sight of any ESP and your target audience. Folderly is latest product of b2b lead generation company – Belkins. Folderly provides its clients with advanced services, which are useful in terms of email marketing campaigns, and round-the-clock customer support.

Another variant is email tracking tool which allows the salesmen to come to know who opens their messages and who doesn’t. This data is significant as it helps to determine non-active subscribers, adjust a subject line in messages and, therefore, maximize the efficacy of the marketing campaign. Some tracking tools even let you know the number of times it was read, whether the message was forwarded or a link was clicked. Such tools can be incorporated with email clients.

Sales tools which enable salesmen to get email addresses of potential clients also exist. Some of the software also gives current data from CRM and other sources. Let’s consider several email control tools:

  • Yesware which offers tips on how to deal with every section of the sales cycle.
  • Mixmax that keeps record of email activities. It is useful for observing potential customers.

The essential component of the sales process is the presentation of the products and services you need to sell. Qualified sales reps make use of various sales presentation tools to introduce the content in a visually attractive manner. It’s important to make an impression on your audience and draw their attention. Some presentation tools provide an opportunity for video conferencing and screen-sharing which increase engagement of the customers.

You may leverage one of the following presentation tools:

  • Canva that allows laypeople to produce top-notch design with the aid of different fonts, stock photos and backgrounds.
  • Prezi which is regarded as a PowerPoint alternative and gives an opportunity to create presentations like pros and change slides smoothly.
  • Zentation that reconciles slides and video. It creates the image of a live presentation.

Sales tools concerning contract management

Concluding a contract may be burdensome. A salesperson can simplify this process by using specific tools. A reliable software can add details to contracts hands-off. It’s possible to keep contract data in one spot and sign contracts online. Some sales tools may be integrated with CRM systems, email clients and cloud storage.

Widespread contract managing tools are:

  • Pandadoc which is a comprehensive solution for online documents with plugins for other tools. It is characterized by a fully configurable interface.
  • Agiloft which provides multiple configurable features.
  • DocuSign that enables signing contracts on almost any device from around the world.

The learning process is ongoing even if we talk about skilled employees. Implementing learning management tools may be valuable for salespeople in the case of an online sales issue or when they just want to refresh their knowledge. The best ones are those with mobile versions and advanced search functions. This allows their user to make the best of the tool anytime. It’s also possible to start training courses via certain tools.

Pay attention to the following variants:

  • Teamie which advances a social learning experience.
  • eCouch which enables it to compile an in-depth content library for its readers.
  • TalentLMS which is mobile-oriented and provides pre-built courses.

Sales tools connected with social media management

We can’t deny the crucial role of social media nowadays, so it’s essential to take it into account when you engage in sales. A salesperson needs to establish the presence of the brand he promotes on social media. However, it’s better to focus on functions that are urgent for sales. Some sales tools are created to support sales reps to be active online and search for prospecting customers.

Some social media management tools are:

  • Linkedln Sales Navigator which enables to make up a roster of prospects on the basis of its database.
  • Buffer which is applied to schedule content.
  • Nimble which collects data for each lead and presents needs of potential clients.


It’s impossible to ignore any of the cutting-edge sales tools in terms of marketing strategy. Their choice depends on the objectives sales reps define. If one faces deliverability issues, it’s better to pick email deliverability services, such as an email inbox tester. If you have problems with making a contract, it’s necessary to choose contract management tools. To maximize the result, one should implement various tools.