B2B email ideas in Digital marketing are playing an increasingly important role in lead generation for business-to-business markets. Team for Target provides several successful digital marketing services that can dramatically increase the yield of your lead generation campaigns.

We do not like to think in terms of one specific means, but in objectives with a smart strategy. We look for the right resources and only use those that are effective for your target group and that fit the industry.

We combine the various means based on the objective. By means of an online marketing calendar and monthly contact, we ensure that goals are achieved and that good cooperation takes place between the parties.

Team for Target lets digital marketing contribute measurably to increasing your (new business) turnover.

EDM: Electronic Direct Mail

At Team for Target we have the necessary experience with EDM (electronic Direct mail) and e-zines (electronic Magazines, for example, newsletters). Depending on the purpose and frequency, we recommend a tool to send the EDMs or e-zines. For example, we regularly use Mail Chimp for occasional (stand-alone) promotions. Of course, it is also possible to go much further in terms of marketing automation than the already extensive possibilities of Mail Chimp and to choose tools such as Eloqua, Marketo, or Hub Spot.

We continuously register the interactions of every suspect and prospect to whom the EDM has been sent. For example:

  • Email opened (Opened)
  • Clicked through: per link and how many times per link (clicked)
  • Reply to emails or completed forms (response)
  • Bounces, opt-out, etc. (negative)

Positive interactions and leads are of course very dependent on the stopping and conversion power of the total proposition, the EDM, and the landing page & lead magnet.

During the campaign, it will become clear how many leads are collected and how many suspects convert (Response, Clicked, and Opened). Based on the interaction, we can determine priorities. We will approach the leads with the most potential first in the telemarketing follow-up. With these hot opportunities, we naturally want to make a qualified sales appointment for your account manager as soon as possible. While at the lower priorities the prospects are included in a lead nurturing program EDM

EDM Starter Pack

For a one-time investment, we set up an EDM program for you. We plan all preparatory work and carry it out for you. In addition, we create and send the first version to you and process the response.

With this starter pack, you have a solid foundation to quickly and efficiently send EDMs or e-zines to your prospects, customers, and relations after the first EDM. Including the guarantee of the follow-up.

The starter pack includes:

  • Creating a mailing list, including uploading a maximum of 5,000 suspects including email addresses.
  • Text and formatting of an html email. All ready to ship to the entire list. In this EDM, we will use available image material and, if desired, the corporate identity of your choice. When setting up, we ensure that all response and interaction is measurable for further follow-up.
  • Shipping to a maximum of 5,000 suspects.
  • Response capture and processing to the CRM system for lead follow-up.
  • The lead magnet applicants receive (automatically or otherwise) the requested content. This can be, for example, a white paper, a benchmark report, or access to a demo account.

With this digital marketing project, you have introduced a large suspect and prospect group with your proposition. You have a lead list of prospects who have shown interest in the EDM proposition in some way. You can approach this prospect list for further follow-up, but you can of course also call in Team for Target for this. In addition, you have a basis from which you can send a new EDM to your suspects and/or prospects, for example monthly or quarterly.