Choosing the right web hosting plan is one of the vital decisions you have to take for your website, at least when you look from a technical point of view. When you end up choosing the wrong hosting option, it may lead to a poor user experience for visitors and, also, your website will not be able to handle the heavy traffic coming on it. A dedicated server is an apt solution to all of these points.

A dedicated server offers you access to the complete server exclusive to your website. Here are a few advantages that you get with a dedicated server: 

  • High Speed 
  • More security 
  • Control over the entire server 
  • A high amount of storage 

All this is best! In this article, let’s get into the best-dedicated hosting provider, MilesWeb. MilesWeb offers extremely high-powered and robust dedicated server hosting at affordable costs. Also, they offer all types of hosting services such as VPS, Shared, WordPress, and Linux reseller hosting.

Their dedicated server hosting is ideal for resource-heavy websites/applications. Also, you can run gaming, mission-critical applications that require more resources and power to function smoothly. Know the rest about MilesWeb’s dedicated server in the below article! 

Dedicated Server Hosting in Detail

Dedicated server hosting is the ultimate hosting option. With this, users get complete control over the server. You can do the modifications which you want to do on the server. Also, you have the choice of operating system and control panel. As you run your own private server, you maintain the top-most level of security and control over the entire server. 

When you buy a dedicated server, you rent a server for yourself. MilesWeb’s cheapest dedicated server plans are unmanaged, meaning you have to manage the complete server and do the modifications or customizations if you want to on the server. Dedicated servers are an ideal option if you require high-performance computing tasks. 

Dedicated hosting gives you abundant resources. Thus, it makes it the most preferred choice for high-end websites/applications. 

About MilesWeb’s Dedicated Server Plans!

There are sixteen dedicated server plans with MilesWeb. 

Their base plan of dedicated server hosting is, E5-2609 2.4GHz which includes 8GB RAM, 1TB SAS, 1TB bandwidth, and 1 dedicated IP. This plan costs Rs.6,999 per month. 

And if you check out their high-tier dedicated hosting plan, 2 x E5-2673 v4 3.3GHz. It includes 256GB RAM, 4×1.2TB SAS, 5TB bandwidth and 1 dedicated IP. This plan will cost you around 46,999/m. 

You can choose a plan that meets the requirements of your heavy website/application. They have got numerous options for you. And the resources MilesWeb offers it apt for running resource-intensive websites/applications. 

Besides, if you have any custom requirements, you can reach out to their sales team. You can tell them your requirements, and they will help you with this! 

MilesWeb’s Feature-Rich Dedicated Server Hosting!

Choose Your Control Panel

MilesWeb gives you a wide range of control panels from which you can choose. They give you cPanel, Plesk, and Webuzo to manage your bare metal dedicated server. 

Host Unlimited Websites

MilesWeb allows you to host multiple websites on their dedicated servers. Having websites on shared, VPS, or reseller can be shifted to a dedicated server. 

100% Performance Guaranteed

The website performance is at a high pace with dedicated server hosting. It is because you don’t share server resources with other users. If traffic comes on other websites, it will not affect yours. And, you will get top-notch performance to your website/application. 

SSH Root Access

Having root access means you have control over the server. You can install applications of your choice and do the modifications you need to do on the server. 

Top-Notch Level Security

You get a high level of security with the help of a physically isolated environment. It diminishes the risk from threats as the dedicated server is isolated from others. 


Custom applications can run on your server by having a custom environment. Also, the heavy web applications will be running smoothly on the server without any glitches. 

Resources are 100% Dedicated.

You get guaranteed server resources with dedicated server hosting. You don’t have to share server resources with other users. 


Your bare metal server is highly reliable for running your websites/heavy web applications. 

The reason behind reliability is no sharing of resources with others. 

No Setup Fees or Contract Charges

There are no hidden charges or server setup charges when you opt for MilesWeb’s dedicated server hosting. You can cancel the server anytime. Also, there are no penalties or cancellation charges. 

99.99% Uptime Service Level Agreement

MilesWeb promises a 99.99% uptime service level agreement with its dedicated server hosting plans. It is one of the best in the industry. This assurance is given with MilesWeb’s robust security infrastructure, maintenance protocols. MilesWeb’s support engineers monitor the server continually. Also, they track the server conditions and fluctuations that may occur.  

Data Center Location in India

MilesWeb has a data center located in the financial capital of India, Mumbai. This data center is ideal for business owners who have their target audience in the Indian subcontinent. 

To Conclude

MilesWeb offers the best-dedicated server hosting in India. You can host high-end websites/applications on their high-powered dedicated servers. Register for MilesWeb’s dedicated server plans and take your website to new levels of success.