As a business owner, imagine if there was a way to communicate with your clients/customers, track sales, and provide efficient service delivery to your customers. All of these you get to do virtually; you would want that.

Also, imagine if there was a way to have your business’ website, web app, or mobile app customized in a way that is easy to use, direct, and effective, not just for your customers but also for your team; you would want this too.

Liferay Digital experience platform (DXP) provides you with a way to create customized digital experiences that help your audience/customers find what they are looking for (your product) easily. Your work is easy with ready-made features on Liferay, such that you do not have to start from scratch in building a website or app for your business. The good news is that there are ways you can have all of these integrated for your use with the aid of a Liferay development company.

Why You Should Consider Using a Liferay Development Company

You might be wondering why you have to hire Liferay developer for your business. Here are five basic reasons why Liferay development services will be of a great benefit to help scale up your business

  1. High level of customization:

Liferay comes with about 60 tools and over 20 themes that grant you the liberty to adjust and change themes as much as you want until you get your desired interface that makes you confident in reaching your customers. You can either create your apps with Liferay web application development or your website with Liferay website development or modify existing ones to your taste.

  1. Variety of languages:

Another benefit Liferay offers is its multilingual capacity. You do not have to write a new code for every customer or employee that shows up in a different language. You can also add more languages as required and as time passes. Liferay is user-friendly as users can easily switch between languages with a click on the website, app, or portal you build.

  1. Security:

Liferay is a development platform that builds large and public websites using its tools. Based on its function, Government bodies and even financial institutions use Liferay Portal development hence the need for security. However, the use of Liferay services could be a massive problem if it is not safe for users.

Liferay confirms that they have provided “inbuilt protection against major cyberattacks like CSRF attacks, local File inclusion, content sniffing, clickjacking, path traversal, and many other common attacks.” The platform uses industry-standard encryption technologies, proving that Liferay is safe to use for every user.

  1. Cost-effectiveness for business:

You can use the Liferay platform in two ways; the free version, which is the open, community edition. The other performance that requires a subscription is the commercial license (the business-friendly kind) at a low cost. 

Comparing the benefits Liferay provides to the fee paid gives a high return on your investment.

  1. Easy to use interface:

Another benefit that Liferay provides is how easy the platform is to use for you as an employer or for your employees and customers. It does not require too much to navigate through the platform. You get your work done with a few clicks, as experience is not so significant in using the Liferay platform. Also, you can easily upgrade your Liferay version and migrate from a different platform to Liferay.

Liferay provides a range of development services, from developing portals to building Mobile apps to your taste. Other services by Liferay include, but are not limited to:

  • Web publishing and content management
  • CRM and Workflows
  • Information websites and news hubs
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) framework
  • Corporate social networks


Liferay is a versatile tool for taking your business to the next level, standing tall for about eleven years. Its free, easy-to-use tools help developers build websites, portals, and web and mobile applications that provide innovative tools that are easily adaptable to help your business scale upwards.

Known as the “Developer’s developer,” Liferay development services grants you leverage in the finance industry, marketing industry, or even as a  small-scale business. Hiring a Liferay development company will provide you with the best Liferay development services, which will, in turn, help you provide the best services to your customers, granting you the platform to relate with them, all in the digital space.