Technology has transformed our lives. It has revolutionized everything, from infrastructure to appliances. It is safe to say that technology has made the world more connected than ever. Gone are the days of the dial-up internet. We are living in the age of artificial intelligence, automation, and super internet deals.  

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The journey of technological advancements is nothing short of overwhelming. Of course, there’s no denying that many of us still take technology for granted. But for some, it is nothing short of life-changing. Here’s how technology helps us in our daily lives:  

Technology Provides Comfort

When was the last time you drove to a Chick-fil-A takeaway outlet? I for one haven’t visited the place in ages. Every time I want something from Chick-fil-A, I just order it online. The next thing I know, they are at my doorstep. I often wonder how different our lives would have been if there was no online tool or service to take our orders.  

There’s no denying that the pandemic has made us more reliant on technology. Companies all over the world are accepting the work-from-home culture. Service providers are working to provide high-speed internet services to businesses. Employees no longer have to go to offices to attend important meetings. They are doing this from the comfort of their homes – all thanks to technology.  

Technology Ensures Reliable Communication

The communications sector is arguably the biggest beneficiary of technological growth. Cellular companies, internet, and cable service providers have all made the most out of advancements in science and technology. The smartphones we carry in our pockets have come a long way since the days of Graham Bell. The Scottish-born inventor wanted the telephone in every town. Today, there’s a smartphone in every pocket.  

And it is not just audio calling that has seen a boom due to technology. Video calling is another medium that has benefitted due to technology. Video-calling services like Skype and Google Hangouts have seen a surge in their demand over the last few years. Moreover, lockdowns and social distancing have forced companies to come up with an alternative means to communicate with their employees. You must have heard about Zoom, right? That’s one thing. People are also live-streaming more now. Head over at if you want to livestream too.

Technology Creates Virtual Profiles

There are 7.9 billion people in the world. Do you know how many use the internet? Over 4.6 billion. That’s massive, isn’t it? What’s more, these 4.6 billion individuals happen to be active internet users. Here’s another thing. Most active internet users own multiple profiles on the Internet.  

Just think about it. With tons of social media platforms, the options to create virtual profiles are almost limitless. Start with the basic that’s your email address. Then you have social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. YouTube and TikTok are other platforms. Who could forget VK, Reddit, and Telegram?  

The point is, technology has provided us with dozens of platforms. I for one use Facebook to kill time. WhatsApp, on the other hand, allows me to communicate with my family and friends. Spotify and SoundCloud make up for my music streaming. How many social profiles do I have? Even I have lost the count.  

Technology Provides Remote Access to Information

Somebody recently told me: “Who has time to read books anyway? People read stuff on the internet.” Quite frankly, I don’t see anything wrong with what the person said to me. The internet is loaded with content. Do you want to read newspapers? Go to the website of your preferred publication. Looking for a research article? Just Google it. Craving a good book. Just visit websites like Kindle and you’ll get access to a huge number of e-books.  

Everything is now a couple of clips and taps away. You don’t even have to move from the stop. What’s more, if you don’t feel like typing you can simply ask your virtual assistant to perform the task for you. This is the kind of technology that makes me wonder: Is artificial intelligence good or bad for mankind? We’re living in an age where applications dominate the internet.  

Technology Reduces Costs

Companies leverage technology to reduce costs and improve productivity. Organizations no longer have to pay for the maintenance of warehouses due to the availability of smart storage solutions. Technology has made it convenient for businesses to manage their resources efficiently. Moreover, it helps create a strong brand image in addition to retaining customers. It may seem ironic that technology can help enterprises save more, but that is true. They can further cut costs by investing in refurbished electronics instead of purchasing brand-new computer sets. There are high-grade refurbished flexible desktop solutions available that can run as efficiently as fresh-off-the-market computers. These can keep up with modern changes in software and IT security. Thus, organizations can rest assured that the savings they get from refurbished electronics can last long.