Email is one of the oldest and strongest tools for customer interaction. If you combine the power of SEO and email marketing, you can have an effective strategy for comprehensive website promotion and increased authority. You can apply different templates and formats to succeed in today’s digital world. The main thing is to put in the maximum effort. Without it, it’s impossible to get results. Here are five ideas on combining SEO and Email marketing to get great results. To learn more, view the site and find out how the blogger outreach service works. 

Email Marketing as a Tool to Drive Traffic

Once you’ve carefully developed your advertising strategy, don’t forget to apply the technique of announcing new publications. Send letters to your subscribers with brief and intriguing articles on the material published on the site. Place a link at the end of the announcement to the website so the subscriber can read the entire article. Customers who go to the link in the SEO email to learn more, then from an interested and loyal audience to the resource.

You can add a few links to similar topics in the same letter, increasing the likelihood that the user will go to the site.

Thus, the user who goes to the link to the website with a clear intention to learn something new will spend more time on it, studying the publications and related materials. In addition, positive behavioral factors will affect the reduction of bounce rate values, which is also regarded by search engines as an advantage in favor of the popularity of the resource. 

Use the Principles of Epic Articles

Most companies tell in their mailings about their brand, the benefits of the product, its features, and benefits. And they do it professionally. But what if that’s not enough for your customer?

Brands lack stories that can engage subscribers, increase audiences, and spur potential customers to action.

For example, there was a brilliant move by McDonald’s marketers when they published an announcement announcing that the company’s chef had decided to reveal the secret recipe for its signature Big Mac sauce and would show the cooking process in a video.

Isn’t it strange that a famous brand reveals its main secret, after which most customers will make the sauce home and stop visiting the restaurant? But after some research, experts have concluded that this type of article will have the opposite effect. For more information, go to 

As a result, the video, in which the chef reveals the secret of the recipe, gathered more than 4 million views and turned into an actual viral article, which readers share. Such an effect multiplied the conversion rate of the company’s resources and the dish’s popularity. In addition, those subscribers who haven’t tried a Big Mac yet were very likely to go to the restaurant after watching the video.

Thus, the point of using epic content in email marketing in SEO is to meet the reader’s needs by providing solutions or answers to his questions.

For example, providing valuable and entertaining content can satisfy an emotional need. And exciting storylines that will lead subscribers to follow you and make them fans of your brand are trendy in this direction. 

To understand what your reader will be interested in precisely and what questions they want answers to, in addition to information about the features and benefits of your product, use questionnaires and research your audience.

Analyze Mailing Performance Metrics and Use the Best Results

Marketing tools allow you to analyze the effectiveness of each message sent: the percentage of opens, the number of messages, read, and the number of link clicks.

Marketers test the popularity of headlines, the design, and the layout of messages. These metrics are valuable for SEO. For example, the headline and subject line of the newsletter have gained the most views and clicks; they can also be used to create articles on the site.

The method also works in the opposite direction: the keys that are most popular in SEO can be used to create text for a future newsletter to increase the effectiveness of advertising. We also recommend learning how to get paid backlinks for more effective promotion. 

Segment Content for Different Users and Personalize It

Segmenting and building lists to tailor your strategy to your audience’s interests reduces the likelihood of the message ending in spam. Instead, send personalized reader articles that will be of interest to them.

To successfully implement a personalized newsletter strategy, expand the subscription form on your site. For example, some resources post multiple options for exciting topics or news that the reader can subscribe to:

Ensure the subscription form is visible on every site with an exciting or valuable article. You should also pay attention to the layout and optimization of every message you send to your readers, reviews on third-party resources, and the social engagement of subscribers to improve the site’s position. You probably know about the positive effect of external links on a site’s position in search engines.

How Can You Get Results with Advertising Strategy?

Ask your readers to leave a review of your brand or a review of service (product) on a third-party resource. When leaving a review or testimonial, the user uses keywords combined with the name of the city you want, which also helps get good optimization results.

Be sure to provide a list of reputable publications in the newsletter and external links, which will help raise your site’s authority. For example, reviews published on Google My Business positively affect the ranking of the resource, even in the absence of quality link mass.

We also recommend encouraging your readers to be socially active. For example, in a message, ask them to share the content with their friends after each article. You can also simply place icons with links to popular social networks so that the subscriber can quickly share the information with other users.

Reposting your posts and distributing articles to online users gives good results for SEO. In addition to evaluating the content quality and its relevance to queries, search engines assess the authority and popularity of the resource among users. In addition, search bots consider links published on social networks to be natural, increasing the site’s credibility.

To summarize, note that not all strategies in Internet advertising can be compatible. But experts who actively test all the tools know there is a connection between the different methods. It requires a lot of analysis and studying the mutual influence of different processes on each other. Thus, a well-designed and working advertising campaign can improve the optimization of your resource through the force of properly selected articles for a specific audience.