The travel industry has evolved over the last few years, and the internet has helped in a better customer experience, automation, and personalization of processes. In this article, we will talk about the ways the internet is changing the travel industry. With more and more cheap internet deals, the travel industry gets access to faster internet that helps to make their processes quicker and error-free.

Higher Customization

An essential application of the internet in the travel industry is the possibility of higher customization in hotels and flights. It is now a reality as customers can handle more services and applications through their devices like phones and tablets. Customers can now control various functions like heating and cooling of their hotel rooms from their phones. They can also decide the temperature and lighting of their rooms. In flights also they can control the temperature or the air conditioning on their seats.

Easy Travel

Internet is helping to simplify the customer experience in many sections of the travel industry. The passengers can now get a notification at the airports as their luggage is available for pick up near them. With the help of a voice assistant, you can book a cab, get a pizza delivered, etc., anywhere while you travel. Even the airlines are now allowing smart device flight check-ins with the help of smart speakers from Google and Amazon. Now the customers do not need their phones to get the flight status and boarding passes.

Now customers do not need their phones to get the flight status and boarding passes.  Traveling to different destinations sometimes can be hectic when you feel burdened with luggage. Widely spread short-term storage space services near all major landmarks, airports, etc are available from Vertoe. If you are in Chicago, you can drop your bags safe at Chicago airport luggage storage and pick them once you are back.

Energy Saving

With the help of cheap internet deals, people can use faster internet, which helped them save money and energy visiting a travel agent for bookings. Hotels are now using sensors to adjust room temperatures. For instance, nowadays, the cooling system of the rooms will work only the sensor sees a guest in the room. The hotels use sensors that can sense natural light in the room and switch off the artificial lighting in the room. Moreover, the guests can control many features from their smartphones remotely. It has helped to save a lot of energy by big hotel chains.

Location Data

Many companies involved in the travel business also use the internet to gather valuable data. This data is used to deliver information to their customers based on their specific location. For example, with the help of beacons and other sensors, tourists can now get relevant information on their mobiles based on their location. Travel companies can directly deliver messages regarding the local attractions and their timings or updates about public transport. 

Facilitate Parking

It might not seem like an essential factor, but research has shown that people waste a lot of time, fuel, and money in search of empty parking lots. For example, while catching a plane, not finding a vacant parking lot can be a lot of inconveniences. The internet can be instrumental in such a situation. With the help of the internet, a traveler can reserve a parking lot in advance and get the exact location of the parking lot when he comes to park the vehicle. Even the parking lots can use information like occupancy rates, prices, and vehicle usage times.

It is just the start that the travel industry is reaping the benefits of the internet. There can be many more avenues where the internet finds its usage for the travel industry.

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