Starting a business can be exciting and empowering. But it can also be downright stressful. Determining where best to make investments, especially when everything seems so important, feels overwhelming. The good news? It doesn’t have to be this way.


Here are three important investments every business owner should be putting their time, energy, and money toward:

1. Website Malware Scanner

Every modern business needs a website. But that means having to build, host, and protect a website, too. And keeping your website up to date and conducting a regular website malware scan is the name of the game. Malware is software that can wreak havoc on a business website. Malware is any business owner’s worst nightmare, from stealing and leaking confidential client information to crippling a site’s functionality.  

That’s why it’s crucial to invest in a website malware checker to secure your web and mobile applications. Because not only is keeping your website secure important for you and your clients, but it also makes your business credible and trustworthy — two of the most important factors in a prospect’s decision to do business with a new company. So if your website security scan strategy is to cross your fingers and hopes you don’t get hacked, think again. 

Most businesses — start-ups or otherwise — can’t afford to throw away good business over something so easily fixable by a URL malware scanner. Knowing this gives your customers the confidence they need to purchase by investing in proper website security with a website malware scanner.

2. Continuing Education and Certifications

Besides honing your craft, pursuing certifications and other forms of continuing education in your industry can help you stand out from the competition. This is especially important when you’re just starting. After all, without an existing client base that can offer up testimonials and reviews, you’ll need to offer prospects proof of your capabilities. 

Moreover, prospects want to ensure they’re investing their time and resources into a company that will provide results. You may be the best option out there, but making sales will be rather difficult if you don’t have any way to communicate it. Obtaining certifications from reputable third-party authorities in your industry is a great way to prove that you can deliver on your promises.

3. Your Lead Funnel

Regardless of any success, a business can quickly find itself dead in the water without accumulating qualified leads. Pretty soon, a sharp decrease in leads means your business isn’t growing, and without new customers or clients, your business isn’t making any money. 

Many people talk about marketing budgets, but here’s the thing: if you have a marketing system in place that’s bringing in enough leads to pay for itself and turn a profit, you shouldn’t limit your spending to a “budget.” You should spend where you get a net profit. If spending more money on an ad or lead source that’s working means you’ll increase its reach and therefore increase return, don’t let a strict budget keep you from investing in the right places.

You’re not losing anything by investing in areas that make you money. If you rely on direct mail to bring in new clients, don’t skimp on your delivery budget. Of all investments to make in your business, spend your money on what makes more money.

Invest in the Basics First

With client trust, a steady lead flow can be converted into paying customers. And that’s really the most important purpose of a business. With these perspectives in mind, you’ll be well equipped to make the right decisions for your business so you can watch your investments grow.