Industry corporations have chosen this CMS, and there are many explanations. Magento has all the qualities needed to build a successful online business. If your online shop is keen to succeed and plans to scale, Magento is the way to go!

Searching for the right product or service on Google can be long and tedious. Websites are not immune to this either – the customer is looking for a product but doesn’t get what they want to buy from a relevant search (Magento 2 store migration services by Dinarys).

The Elasticsearch extension easily solves this problem. It aims to improve search results and make them more relevant. Elasticsearch can be used for different Magento versions (1 and 2). To apply for the extension, simply install it on your online shop.

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Google has announced many useful tools over the years. And Magento has not been left out. The Tag Manager is an extension that will allow you to apply important Google services (Adwords and Analytics) from a single cabinet.

The extension installs quickly and seamlessly, greatly increasing your site’s performance and traffic. Although the extension is chargeable, the cost is fully justified by its functionality.

Live chat features in the Magento 2 online shop can do wonders. More and more website visitors are eager to solve problems “here and now”. Having found the right site, customers want answers to their questions without spending a lot of time waiting.

LiveChat will help you communicate with your customers live and answer their questions quickly. This will increase conversion rates, increase the trust and loyalty of website visitors.

It’s easy enough to install the extension. And the best news is that there is a free trial. If you don’t like the extension, you can give it up.

Site loading speed – an important characteristic for the efficient operation of the online shop. If a resource is slow to load, its visitors are likely to abandon it and seek the goods on other sites.

To speed up the loading of web pages, steps must be taken to optimize them. Caching in this case is one of the most effective ways to speed up the site.

Full Page Cache extension aims to cache pages. It speeds up the loading of the website and improves the interaction with the visitors. It can reduce the server load, help the site to be indexed and ranked better.

Sales depend on many factors. First and foremost, discounts, promotions, and other marketing moves. To make an online shop attractive to visitors, it is worth applying special offers for customers.

It has been proven in practice that it is more likely to increase loyalty to a product that is promoted on a personal level. The Special Promotions Pro extension is up to the task. It will help you create special discounts and promotions based on the customer’s personal data.

The plugin takes into account a customer’s name, birthday, and purchase history, and gives you the best promotions. What could be better? The customer feels special, which is the best motivation to buy (e-commerce marketplace development).

Does your online shop operate in several countries? In that case, your website needs the Auto Currency Switcher. It allows you to set the prices of your products in the local currency of the customer. This will result in greater loyalty and a pleasant shopping experience.

The extension takes into account the geographical location of your visitors by IP address and automatically changes prices for products using rounding algorithms. Such an extension stimulates quick purchase decisions.

Make the most of Magento for your online shop. They will help to increase sales and attract more customers.

Have you noticed that your website is slow to load? Then you need Fooman Speedster. This free extension combines several files into one, which reduces the load on the web resource. The extension reduces the overall size of the files and, as a result, the website runs faster on the Magento platform.