Marketing for GameFi companies is as essential as any other company. It helps the company create an exclusive brand image for its target audience. In this post, we will be talking about the top three blockchain PR channels for GameFi PR companies in 2022. 

What is GameFi?

Before we get started with the best marketing channels for GameFi companies, let us understand what GameFi is.

GameFi, as the name suggests, is a combination of games and decentralized finance. The concept of GameFi is completely dependent on blockchain technology. It is the blockchain that brings together gaming and decentralized financial instruments, giving rise to GameFi companies. In simple words, GameFi is a ‘play to win’ kind of game that includes lending, borrowing, token minting instruments, yield farming, etc. The assets that you win in the game have no value outside that game’s universe but when an investment is made by players, these assets transform into DeFi and crypto products.

GameFi involves a popular way of mixing earnings and gaming. It basically allows players to earn rewards in-game currency that is accompanied by a marketplace and token economy governed by the games community. After the emergence of GameFi, a new way of earning and using cryptocurrency was experienced through games. With the help of blockchain PR players understand the need of buying, sell and trade digital assets as this all happens with a zero-fee transaction rate. This unique way of investing has established a great rise in the blockchain ecosystem.

GameFi Marketing

One of the most fascinating aspects of GameFi is that it is a broad field. Therefore this means that every game on this platform is unique and different. All of these games allow players to hold crypto assets in-game and profit from them. If you have a GameFi app, no matter big or small, you can not neglect the need for marketing or blockchain PR. With the help of advisors and professionals from gaming marketing agencies, a GameFi company can easily meet its target goals.

There are several channels that can be used to market GameFi. One can also choose popular influencers to market their GameFi apps on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc. With the right marketing strategy and channel, successful GameFi marketing can be expected.

Influencer Marketing

Getting famous influencers to talk about or play games on GameFi is one of the best ways to market your GameFi app. The influencers are famous personalities on online platforms with millions of people following them. Having these influencers talk and share about your application can help you increase your players and make the community bigger. The channel where influencers market GameFi is a successful way to popularise this application. After all, word of mouth has its own way of marketing and getting the crowd talking.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Advertising on coal media platforms has always helped spread the word about a specific product or item. Therefore in the same way you can take help of these channels through blockchain PR agencies and market GameFi in the best way. Social media platforms have millions of users. When GameFi ads run on these platforms, there are guaranteed chances of gathering attention from people of these communities. Young adults, who are also keen on playing games, are the most active users on social media networks. Hence they can be a great target audience for GameFi companies.

Crypto Ad Networks

The crypto ad networks are focused on promoting all crypto-related projects. This is why marketing GmeFi on these platforms can bring in significant traffic to your company.

GameFi marketing may seem tricky but with the right strategy and blockchain PR firm, target goals can be achieved in no time.