Traditional office furniture is no longer suitable for some mobile and skilled employees. Companies are considering moving their traditional office spaces to open floor plans, such as Facebook, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Citi, Lego, and most contact centers that implement open office layouts. 

These plans have laid a solid foundation for improving employee productivity and reducing real estate costs. If you are considering an open office floor plan for your business, the key to successful office management is the combination of a proactive approach and appropriate office hotel software. The office hotel system provides the flexibility that most agile employees hope to gain from their work. Staff development Several room reservation software developers provide easy-to-use desktop hotel software.

DeskFlex provides employees with multiple access options. The DeskFlex desktop hotel system allows managers and employees to choose a day, a week, or their workplace according to their needs. The administrator can create a hierarchy to allow certain employees to book only one meeting room and one meeting room. Users can access calendars and daily productivity tools in the office through the integrated room booking software, and employees can make reservations through their web browsers, company network systems, and downloadable mobile apps. You can create team meetings or company events through the integration of Outlook, MS Exchange, and Office 365, and send email and SMS invitations. Space visualization remote workers can use the 3D floor plan provided by DeskFlex Office Hoteling to book their workspace. Interactive charts can display color-coded dots that indicate the real-time availability of the desk or office space. 

Reporting and analysis DeskFlex office hotel software can generate reports and analyze the activities of your mobile employees when they check in and leave the office. This “Optimizing Your Property” overview report can help site administrators determine which areas of the office are in high demand and which workstations are underutilized. secluded. With remote and flexible employee data, you can improve the use of space-based on employee activities. When your agile employees come to the office for more collaboration, you can remove cubicles and expand collaboration spaces, co-working spaces, and virtual phone booths.

Mobile apps for mobile workers. Mobile apps provide greater flexibility for your changing team. With DeskFlex Hoteling Management, users can monitor available hotel space and book rooms and facilities with just a few taps. The DeskFlex mobile application can also provide a QR code that employees can scan into the FlexCube to achieve contactless check-in and check-out in the office. The DeskFlex mobile app can also be synchronized with Bluetooth beacons to simplify desktop registration. 

DeskFlex Desk Hoteling software provides comprehensive office management solutions that enterprises need. Whether your company has permanent employees or remote employees, you can use the DeskFlex office hotel system to optimize office resources. office. DeskFlex’s track record shows its reliability and efficiency in hotel rooms over the years, allowing employees to reserve office space, desks, meeting rooms, or meeting rooms through the room reservation system. With the introduction of DeskFlex social distancing software, the demand for this product has increased significantly, which helps prevent COVID-19 infection in the workplace.