Several years ago, when I first started considering how to organize the various components of content marketing, I had the inspiration for this notion. Because there are so many factors that might influence the outcome of a project, it is essential that everyone involved has a clear understanding of the roles that they are expected to play. In addition, a description of the most significant responsibilities should be included in the content marketing plan. 

I started writing this message because one of the questions that I was asked the most frequently, by both large businesses and “middle peasants,” inspired me to get started on writing it. Even while marketing teams are being established to develop content, many businesses are still relying on conventional marketing teams (who potentially did order coursework for general understanding),  to offer stories (we’re talking about material that defines and extends company prospects here). 

Even at this late date, the development and expansion of our “own audiences” continue to be our major objective (owned audiences). To put it delicately, it is very clear that our marketing personnel is woefully behind the times. Because of this, the firm will have a difficult time remaining competitive over the course of the next several years. 

Marketing departments are rapidly becoming content providers, despite the fact that there isn’t a specific structure to guide them. As a direct consequence of this, the role of the marketer is undergoing transition.

General Content Director

As the “chief storyteller” of the organization, I am available in the event of an emergency or to deliver content that has been authorized. This employee is responsible for defining the overall content marketing strategy of the firm as well as integrating all of the company’s content into the plan. When the company’s public relations, mailings, and social networks all start producing content, it is his responsibility to ensure that all of the stories are logical and consistent with one another. 

As a consequence of this, the content director needs to be able to explain how the stories contribute to the organization achieving its various commercial goals (eg, sales growth, cost reduction, increase in loyal customer base).

Email marketer

The work description for the specialist includes communicating with consumers via email about the various items offered by the organization. Warming up the audience in messengers might be advantageous for a company’s bottom line as the use of electronic mail continues to wane in popularity. As a direct consequence of this, the need for email marketers is expected to persist far beyond the year 2021. As a consequence of this, the vast majority of companies are eager to make use of any communication channels to acquire new customers.

Feedback director

His role in social networks and other material distribution channels is analogous to that of an “air traffic controller,” and he acts as an intermediate. One of the members of this team is in charge of monitoring the many threads of discourse going on in the different groups and coordinating the participation of the appropriate team members as required (customer service, sales, marketing). You need this feedback system for your clients to take the content you provide them with the seriousness it deserves. The feedback specialist’s monitoring of the content director and managing editor is responsible for also keeping them informed (website, blog).

SMM manager

Companies, as a general rule, anticipate that the SMM manager will also participate in the process of developing objectives for the organization. Having said that, there are some circumstances in which the assistance of an expert is required. As a direct consequence of this, it is necessary for us to determine who is accountable for what. 

Promotion of the company via social media platforms is within the purview of the SMM manager. The following are some of the obligations that are placed on his shoulders:

  • the formulation and refinement of a social media marketing plan. 
  • Developing a strategy for the material. 
  • Organizing community engagement events such as games, raffles, etc. 
  • The process of preparing material for the stories and posts that will appear in the feed. This responsibility is sometimes given to a copywriter to handle. 
  • KPI analysis. 
  • Target set up in the event that the team does not have a member who is an expert in targets.

Managers of marketing campaigns conducted via social media continue to be in great demand in the corporate sector. As a result of the increasing demand for professionals in the field, several intensives and marathons of inferior quality are producing the same experts. At this point in time, the only people who are qualified for work are those who have a portfolio. The remaining individuals will have little choice but to either participate in initiatives with a limited budget or work on backup plans.

Marketing HR

The participation of employees and several other stakeholders is becoming an increasingly necessary component of effective marketing. It is the obligation of the marketing department to work more closely with employees to ensure that everyone knows their position in the marketing process and to assist your company in communicating successfully with the employee audience without causing conflict or uncertainty. This can be accomplished by working more closely with employees to ensure that everyone knows their position in the marketing process. 

Marketing and human resource management are becoming increasingly linked as the correlation between marketing and employee productivity grows stronger (meaning content performance).


This person has a lot of experience producing articles for websites. It’s possible that you’ll need a copywriter for the building of a banner or another picture. 

The following is a list of the jobs performed by specialists:

  • Developing marketing copy for the company’s various goods. 
  • Putting up advertisements and making public statements about products. 
  • Writing of the landing text. 
  • Creation of catchphrases and slogans

Nonetheless, there are a number of additional professions that deal with text. Authors, for example, are expected to write blog posts and other content for the company’s online presence. However, they are not promotional materials, even if you can communicate the advantages of the product. It is the job of the editor and proofreader to bring the content to its ideal – correcting typos and grammatical errors, verifying facts, and so on. 

The classification of specializations, on the other hand, is quite arbitrary. As a result, job openings frequently include responsibilities like these. A few examples include generating sales texts for the firm, as well as editing guest author’s work.

Chief technologist

Because the fields of marketing and information technology are becoming more linked, it will fall to a single person (or a group of individuals) to be in charge of ensuring that content marketing technology is utilized to the best of its abilities. To accomplish this objective, he is in charge of managing everything from the planning of events and the granting of permissions to the automation of marketing, the hiring of freelancers, and the acquisition of new technology skills. 

In a smaller company, this position could be combined with that of the channel manager; however, in larger companies, the two jobs are more likely to be treated as separate entities.

Influencer Relations Specialist

The functions that were once undertaken by experts who worked in media relations have recently been taken over by audience authority managers. He is responsible for discovering who the most prominent individuals in the company’s target market are, maintaining contact with them, and making sure that they are successfully engaged in the process of promoting the company’s products and services.

Freelancer and Agency Relations Specialist

Your organization’s reliance on freelancers and other external sources will expand as content needs change. An organization’s in-house content teams and networks must be built. Professionals in this field are responsible for negotiating fees and duties so that the complete marketing team may work together for the success of your campaign. My impression is that the “buying department” has evolved into a job that is focused on more than just financial considerations.

Performance Director

If you don’t have someone in this position, your company’s content creation efforts will fail to achieve their intended effects. Is an analyst a part of your team? If this is the case, consider giving her or him a raise and explaining the importance of content marketing to your company. The CEO’s best buddy is the person in this position.