Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is no longer an option for businesses today, it’s a necessity. And the best thing about it is, unlike traditional advertising, you can calculate every part of your strategy. 

Companies either have their own team in the office or hire a  digital agency to do the work. No matter who performs the tasks, implementing several key elements for a successful online marketing approach is essential for everyone. 

The most basic aspect of this is the search engine optimization process. While it is an ongoing process, tracking these metrics or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is also fundamental to measuring the effectiveness and success of your attempts. 

In this article, we’ll learn what SEO metrics are, why they are important, and what significant KPIs you can track. 

What are SEO Metrics and Why do they matter?

Definition of SEO Metrics

Search engine optimization metrics are the data sets that help marketers analyze their success or failures in digital advertising. Using them, they can calculate the errors, and achievements, and predict future industry behavior. 

Mapping out a powerful approach for your online campaign and then implementing will only give results when they are evaluated. That’s why, a number of SEO KPIs are worth considering while monitoring the profit or loss. 

Important SEO Metrics to Track

Pages Banking

(This graph shows that approximately 60% of pages ranking in the top 10 of Google are 3+ years old). 

While tracking your marketing campaign progress, there are countless important SEO metrics to keep an eye on. Thus, in this section, we’ll talk about 6 top helpful SEO KPIs to analyze. 

  1. Keyword Ranking – When we search for a specific keyword, the position of our webpage within the search results is keyword-leading. The same web can rank for several keywords and phrases. 

    It is the primary and possibly the simplest metric. There are plenty of tools available on the internet that help companies conduct keyword research and help them track their site’s ranking over time. 

  1. Organic Traffic – Organic traffic is the views your website collects organically. This is one of the most vital goals to carry out a successful campaign, which shows the original clicks by users on your site on the internet. 

    This is the traffic you receive through search engine results pages (SERPs) and not by paying for any ad placement. Tracking organic viewership helps in determining the increase and decrease in progress and comparing it with top competitor’s traffic. 

  1. Click-Through Rate – In simple words, it is the percentage of people who clicked on your URL after going through your site or ad on the SERP. The formula to calculate the click-through rate is click/impression x 100. 

    This gives an idea about how many users found your network authentic or attractive, and if it was credible enough to approach the targeted audience. 

  1. Conversion Rate – This refers to the percentage of users who took the required action on your site by subscribing to your channel, completing a survey, buying your product, etc. 

    This is the quickest way to measure the success of your website and also the dominant one, as it directly shows how many visitors turned into customers, which converts traffic into revenue. 

  1. Backlinks – These are links from another network to a page or website through an anchor text. They are also known as “votes” for a specific network, mentioning their authenticity, and quality. 

    For example, site A mentions a link to site B through their content with an anchor text. This shows that B’s content is useful, reliable, and has some value to offer. 

    Pages having a higher number of backlinks are likely to have high organic search engine rankings. 

  1. Page Speed – Another key element in these KPIs is page speed. The ranking is directly related to the time it takes to load. 

The average time of a page loading is 0–2 seconds, if it takes more than 2 seconds to open, it can highly impact your website’s ranking. 

Do You Know?
90.63% of websites get zero traffic from Google searches. 

Final Thought

It is basic to understand that SEO metrics are the only way to monitor the success and errors in a digital marketing campaign. They have the ability to show the business where it went wrong or what changes need to be made. 

While there are countless KPIs that are imperative to achieve the goals, we believe these 6 will help you in carrying out SEO campaigns successfully.