Not all students are ready to handle the academic stress of crafting many papers. Moreover, young people suffer from a lack of time for academic activities. Imagine that you have to craft your essay quickly but don’t know where to start. Surely you need to develop a plan that will allow you to cope with your tricky assignment. Here are seven good ideas to help you write your essays quickly.

Planning Is the Key to Success!

Nothing is worse than starting a writing activity when you are not in control. What if you need to write some papers, do household chores, go to the store, or visit another city to visit relatives? That is why young people should plan all daily activities so that any routine task does not violate their academic plans. You should set aside a certain amount of time to analyze your topic and start writing activities.

Ask Someone for Help

Sometimes young people cannot start writing activities for several reasons. But it would help if you did not despair, as you can always delegate your papers to someone else. Instead, find a reliable writing service and submit all the instructions so the experts can craft a good essay for you. But don’t trust the first company you find online. Instead, start with at least one speedy paper review to understand who is the leader of the academic market. Surely such a strategy will allow you to achieve your desired goals and deal with papers quickly.

Choose an Effective Research Method

Many young people start looking for dozens of academic sources, books, magazines, and articles to craft one 5-paragraph essay. Of course, this approach can be justified when crafting some research papers. But you don’t have to stick to such a hardcore strategy all the time. Instead, try to be efficient in your research.

Create your outline and thesis statement, and find the main questions. Now you have your research vector, and you can get to work. Look only for those sources and data that help you craft your paragraphs. Do not add information that you or your professor do not need. In other words, you can shorten your search time if you don’t need additional sources to complete each paragraph.

Eliminate All Distractions

Distractions are the enemy of any student. You probably think chatting with friends, watching videos, and playing online games will not distract you from your writing mission, but you’re mistaken. Any outside activity takes time, and you will fail if you do not change your academic strategy. So turn off all your gadgets, stop being distracted by third-party activities and focus on your essay. Surely you will notice that your writing speed will increase at least several times.

Create the Perfect Writing Environment

The writing efficiency of many people depends on where they are. It is unlikely that you will be effective being on a noisy campus or in a cafe where everyone is talking loudly. You must go home to your dorm room, library, or the park. Find a place where nothing will disturb you. In addition, you should be comfortable writing your paragraphs. Make sure your academic environment is comfortable, and you will immediately see positive results.

Follow a Standard Structure

Nothing is worse than experiments, especially when your professor has not delegated such a mission to you. What if you need to write a classic essay? Surely you will have to deal with standard requirements and the classic 5-paragraph structure. As you can see, you can easily follow the basic instructions, so don’t overcomplicate your path. Don’t look for innovative writing approaches or extra sources unless your professor has asked you to. Follow the beaten track, and you’ll get through your essay quickly. As a rule, experiments take a lot of time, which is hardly included in your plans.

Don’t Edit Alone

There is no shame in asking someone to edit your paper. You don’t even have to ask for this favor: give your draft to someone to read aloud. As a rule, the opinion of a side person allows you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your essay. In addition, you could make mistakes or typos that do not look obvious. But what if you do not know people who could lend a helping hand to you? Maybe you should check reviews on sitejabber and find editing services that will help you get the job done quickly. There is nothing better than a backup plan when something goes wrong.


All seven of the above tips will help you reduce the time it takes to write any essay. In addition, you will have the opportunity to do other things thanks to your free time. Try to follow all the instructions if you want your academic path to be not thorny. Stick to all the rules and regulations, and don’t let the academic routine confuse you. Now you have a path that will take you to high grades!