Push notifications have become the biggest innovative and fun approach these days to attract customers. After analyzing their usage patterns, these are intended to be sent to users in response to their usual behavior. 

In general, push notifications are the short pop-up messages delivered on the user’s screen if they subscribed to your app. Users have to grant permission to receive push notifications. However, if the user has already installed the app, it does not need further formalities to be completed. In this, flutter push notifications are already enabled, and you can expect higher user engagement, including customer retention. 

If you want to get the most out of push notifications, then you need to learn what they are, how they work, and the tips to supercharge user engagement. 

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are an easy way to keep users engaged in your app. They are small personalized messages that grab users’ attention and are often clicked by users. Flutter push notifications offer a fast and easy communication method with your users by sharing messages regarding their interests and requirements.

How Do Push Notifications Work?

Push notification is a smart strategy that is widely used in mobile applications. However, smartphones have their own push notifications system that we call OSPNS. Both android and iOS have their own OSPNS to send push notifications to the users. 

App publishers need to create an application with OSPNS enabled that can connect with the iOS operating system. To get complete access, the user must register with each operating system’s push notifications service. 

After registration, the user received an API to communicate with OSPNS. Push notifications are packed with a unique ID and client application. Once the user installs the application, the app and user receive a unique ID further used to deliver push notifications

Top 5 Strategies to Boost User Engagement with Flutter Push Notifications

Make Use of Call to Actions Smartly

It is essential to attract your customers to your app to subscribe and increase user engagement via push notifications. The easiest way to do this is by sending product updates, promotional offers, and discounts. Well, this is relatively easy for newbie customers. However, to ensure customer retention, using CTAs on the top of your homepage can change the whole game for you. The ultimate goal is to ensure higher visibility, turning into higher traffic and leads. 

Plan Things for the Right Time

Sending push notifications to top users when they are inactive doesn’t make sense. Therefore, one must understand the importance of timing, yet the timing also depends on the type of push notifications you send. For example, if you send regular push alerts regarding product sales, discounts, and more, you must send them when they are active (which is most of the morning). However, if you are unfamiliar with your user’s activities, check notifications data to plan the strategy.

Although, sending push notifications timing depends on the target audience. Suppose your target audience is kids, then sending push notifications regarding education or food will be after school hours. 

Another essential aspect you need to consider is the time zone. Instead of sending them push notifications in our time zone, send them according to their time zone. This gives you the value of sending notifications. 

Create Personalized Content

Content is the crucial aspect of sending push notifications to boost user engagement. Generally, push notifications have several elements, so you must ensure they are well-optimized before you start sending. Content has minor characters, which is crucial to optimize, so here are the essential elements of content you need to optimize. 

  • Title- This is the first thing that users will see on their phones and get attracted to read more. So, you need to work on various methods of writing content; some are urgency, curiosity, and information. 
  • Body- This is the second most crucial point you should consider. You must keep your text crisp and simple to influence users to know more about you. One must make sure your push notification content is related to the title. 
  • Image- That’s now possible!! You must consider adding an alluring image to your content to earn more attention from customers. So, ensure the image is clear and has a solid projection to get the deal for you. 

So, incorporating compelling titles, body text, and stunning images make people likely to click them and read more about you. Remember to write a short and crisp message that just blows your customer’s mind. 

Get Personal

To achieve higher success with push notifications, you will need to get some personal experience with your users. It guarantees the best output if you implement it correctly with the right time and users. However, depending on your goals, you may customize your push notifications in delivery time, content, type, frequency of sending notifications, and more. You can even get more personal by sending them a notification with their names with a sweet good morning message.

Get Opt-in Push

The first impression is very crucial since it boosts ROI. If the user doesn’t get any interest in your app, they are more likely to uninstall your app in the next few minutes. So, to deliver the best user experience, your onboarding must be fantastic. 

Before you get started with push notifications, make sure you must have users-opt-in-push. Create an engaging message using your best arguments to tell users why you’re the best and help them in their journey. Here you must know where to be kind and where to trigger customers’ emotions to keep them engaged. 

Wrap Up

Without any question, push notifications are the true ways to boost user engagement, customer retention, leads, and sales to your business. You need to plan or incorporate the best flutter push notifications strategies in your push notifications to make it best for you. You can try Wonderpush to observe the real boost in business growth.