1. Listen to the PMP training classes carefully and follow the pace of the whole class

If you are a new learner of project management, you may find that the content of PMBOK, the PMP guidance is complicated and hard to understand. Therefore, the best method to save your time and understand what PMBOK is talking about is to attend classes and listen to teachers carefully. Before having the class, you can get familiar with the lecture notes. Generally, what the teacher is talking about is the essence of the PMP exam.

2. Review What You Have Learned By Schedule

Basically, we would learn the content of one or three chapters. You can review according to the actual situation. We had a small review every week and a summary every month.

3. Do PMP Exam Sample Questions

Doing questions is very important. You can communicate with teachers and classmates in the discussion group when encountering questions that you do not understand. You can find your weak points by doing the questions and consolidating your understanding.

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4. Keep a Good Mindset

After learning for a while, we may discover that it is important to keep a good mindset. In the early stage of preparing for the PMI PMP exam, you should lay a solid foundation. In the review stage, you can solidify the foundation. It is the final stage that tests whether you have digested all knowledge and understand project management. You may feel disappointed at the scores you get at the beginning because the difficulty of the sample tests is close to that of the real one. Do not worry. You can improve the results gradually. Follow the schedule and you can make progress.

5. When taking the exam

you need to read fast because the exam paper has over 100 pages. Besides, you have to fill in the answer sheet. Therefore, you need to allocate time properly. 


All in all, my suggestion is to get familiar with lecture notes, do enough questions and attend classes on time if you have adequate time. Raise your problems and discuss them with your teachers and classmates. Pay attention to the solving techniques and skills mentioned by teachers. If you find that the PMBOK is too difficult to understand, you can buy some learning materials to help you understand. It is easy to lose confidence at the beginning. Persistence is important. After you get familiar with each knowledge, you may find it easy to remember and understand the questions. I have watched the teaching videos twice and attended every class. I have finished all the sample exam papers assigned by the training institution. Because of the full PMP exam prep, I felt relaxed and confident to take the exam. Therefore, whether you can pass the exam lies in whether you have taken good preparation. As we always say, efforts can be paid off. Finally, I would like to thank my friends, teachers, and classmates for supporting me while I was preparing for the PMP certification test. Also, check out training for Maryland online material.