The influence of the internet in our daily lives is not small by any means. Every little thing that we do today is dependent mainly on the internet. Starting a new business in this modern world means creating a great website for it. The most crucial thing is to focus on web design. 

Every website needs to look visually attractive to ensure that it can attract more customers. A great web design will directly impact the user experience. To avoid the top 5 Website Design errors, here are five web design tips for creating an excellent site. 

1. A Simple Yet Elegant Web Page

Many businesses try to do many things at once, leading to specific disasters. We know that you might want to try multiple things on your website, but it can become confusing for customers. 

Instead of doing so many things, focus on some key areas to improve the website. Keeping a website is good when you are starting; the website will help you grow your business. Most people rarely read a word on a website as they only focus on design and images. Here are some tips you can follow for web design.

  • Add high-quality images
  • Keep adequate space in your content
  • Add call-to-action button on the homepage

2. Guide Users with Visual Hierarchy


Visual hierarchy means you should arrange the elements on your website so that the most important information should be on top and less vital below it. If you don’t have any experience in designing a website, you should contact a professional logo creator online and web design agency. They will help you with the process. 

  • Highlight your business logo and name
  • Focus on using the correct website layout

It will help if you focus on color, contrast, and spacing to make it more appealing. 

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3. Ensure That Website Content is Easy to Read

Easy-to-read and straightforward content helps all types of visitors read and understand the details on the website. According to studies, it is shown that a website with bigger fonts is preferable as they are easy to read. By improving the spaces between lines, you can present your content in a visually appealing way. Here are some things that can help in making the website content easier to read.

  • Keep a note of the contrast
  • The text size should be large
  • Choose the best style of font
  • Use proper text themes

4. Easier to Navigate the Website

Ease of navigation is a must for every website. When your website consists of a large amount of data and information on multiple pages, the site’s navigation should be designed so that users find a desirable product or information quickly. 

  • Create a classical style menu
  • Offer vertical navigation
  • Place essential links on the footer

You can divide the product into different categories and provide links for items falling into the same categories. Ensure that the users can click on the image of products and services to redirect them to the required page.

Adding such things will help the users find the required product without wasting their time and effort. Creating a search box on the website will also make it easier to see what the user wants. 

5. Create a Mobile-Friendly Website


The majority of internet users are utilizing their smartphones to visit different websites. It is because of the ease of portability and accessibility. Improving the accessibility of your website for mobile means that more people will access your services. You need to keep your mobile version of your website clean and remove any clusters. Adding attractive images for the mobile version will also prove helpful. 

Once done with mobile design, you can check it out on your own. It will help in understanding whether the site is responsive and how good is its loading time. Such factors will surely help in improving the overall design of your website. 

You can start to browse some competitor websites to get inspiration. Once you check the latest web design trends, it will surely help in creating a great website using premium or cheapest website builder. By making minor changes over a period, you can improve your website in a significant way.

We hope this article about 5 web design tips for a great site is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media if you find it useful for you in any manner.