A successful website equals a successful business. Over the years, a number of new content marketing trends have emerged. Exploiting these trends is critical for the success of any website.

Of those, search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing are some of the most valuable and effective marketing trends. They are highly effective marketing channels that ensure content reaches its target audience.

Indeed, SEO has been a key strategy for generating and sustaining website traffic and general business growth. Therefore, it is a top priority for any business with an online presence. 

As on-page and off-site strategies are utilized in the process of achieving desirable SEO results, SEO aims to provide search engines with information about websites so that more users may discover them. 

On the other hand, email marketing nurtures a direct relationship with customers. It increases prospects by sending them high-quality and relevant content. An effective email marketing strategy, a dedicated team, and an updated mailing list can convert prospects to buyers. It’ll also build long-term relationships with customers. This will, in turn, drive high-quality traffic to the website.

There are several ways to combine SEO with email marketing. They are outlined below:

  • Link building
  • Email list segmentation
  • Content personalization
  • Email digest
  • Use CTAs
  • Addition of Urchin Tracking Module (UTM)
  • Improve social media engagement
  • Cross publishing new letters as blog content

Link Building

Link building is a technical SEO strategy where links from other sites are webbed into your site. The aim here is to link your pages with high authority or already trusted sites in an effort to redirect their users to your own. The goal is simple, however, the execution is not. It is quite taxing as there are different types of link building. 

To make things simpler, it is best to outsource link building efforts to a reputable and experienced agency. A good link building agency will have a number of ways to build links and will be able to customize a link building campaign to your specific needs.

Sending cold outreach emails to the sites is fine. Using a white hat link building service for outreach towards organic link building is crucial.

In order to make the most of your email link building campaign, these link building companies send out high-quality emails that are relevant to the recipient. If the emails you send out are spammy or irrelevant emails, you will quickly get marked as a spammer and the emails will never be seen by the people who matter. These agencies are built to avoid just that.

On the other hand, good links help build credibility. 

Try to insert links, both in-bound, and outbound, in the body part closer to the beginning to make it as potent as possible. It is essential to pair links and anchors naturally in the appropriate context. Ultimately, unique and diverse outsource linking sources guarantee the best search engine spots.

Email List Segmentation

If you want to enjoy the benefits of SEO and email marketing, abandon email blasts. The key to effective email marketing is segmenting your list. This ensures relevant and appropriate content is sent to the right audience. Segmentation promotes relevance.

Email lists are a form of big data. A good email list contains valuable information. This information includes contact information, interests, date of subscription, and prior interaction behavior.

So, organize, structure, and segment your email list in a more actionable way. You can send more relevant messages to each audience group. A segmented email campaign delivers precise content specific to subscriber needs.

It is best to avoid buying email lists. This can have you labeled as a spammer. In addition, this affects your brand reputation and image in the marketplace.

This strategy results in subscribers spending time on your page exploring your content. More time spent means that Google will rank your site higher so that more relevant leads can find your site.

Content Personalization

Sorting your mailing list sectioning increases email marketing optimization. This strategy ensures that appropriate content reaches the right audience. People who receive customized content are bound to find it relevant to them, thus increasing the chances of a positive response and immediate action. 

A vast majority of digital marketers believe personalization improves customer relationships. Surveys or email polls can help figure out what your subscribers want. Based on these results, you can create personalized content. Share the surveys with them through emails. In addition, by conducting these studies, you may better segment your email list.

Subscribers are more likely to share and link to personalized content. This ultimately increases the reach of your content. It’ll also serve as a means to earn natural backlinks. These subscriber activities increase traffic and improve search engine rankings.

Email Digest

Digests are perfect for increasing website traffic for your blog. They create an avenue for communication with your target audience regularly. Cherry-pick articles that are both interesting and catchy for this to work.

A smart and witty email subject line and any valuable resource are components of a good digest. It could be a single column, two-column, or three-column. It can feature only text or text and images. A single-column email digest works best for mobile and tablet users. You can also mix up different column digests.

People won’t open the email if you only include promotional product information. The goal is to save subscribers time and to bring quality traffic to your blog. In addition, it could potentially re-engage inactive subscribers. Nothing pisses people off more than excessive advertising.

Use of CTA

CTA (call-to-action) is integral to email marketing. It acts as a direct pointer to subscribers to perform a specific action. This way, there are higher chances of people performing that particular action. Subscribers make decisions to your benefit if CTAs are present compared to letting them decide.

The same principle applies to sharing content on social media. A well-placed and smartly-crafted CTA can help you multiply the number of shares you get on your posts. Your content sharing will be high if CTA placing is proper and its design, enchanting.

A great place to add your CTA is in the footer section of your email. Additionally, you can do the same for your website posts too. It should be noticeable but simultaneously not irritating.

One more CTA you may use is asking subscribers to forward emails to their close circles. It will lead to more people accessing your info space. Again, this will lead to a traffic increase thanks to combining SEO email marketing.

Addition of Urchin Tracking Module (UTM)

UTM tracks how effective your email marketing campaigns are. The UTM is an analytics module for measuring email marketing performance. UTM is a tracking code you place at the end of each URL in email marketing. It sends info on link-clicking to Google Analytics. As soon as a subscriber clicks a specific link, it’ll generate statistics, making UTM parameters audit.

Do note, however, that the UTM is not a perfect system. It has limitations, like misrepresentations after cross-platform sharing. Still, it gives digital marketers an idea of how much traffic and where the link traffic comes from. It also provides substantial baseline data for subsequent strategy formulation.


An effective digital marketing strategy uses any available tools to achieve results. Integrating these two strategies has the potential to create exponential business growth.

SEO and email marketing might not seem related in the grand scheme of things, but they form a fantastic team.

Whether through link building services or any other tips in this post, you now know how to get started. If you’re looking to improve your website’s ranking on Google, consider using email marketing in conjunction with your SEO efforts. 

Have you tried any of these methods? What has been your experience? Let us know in the comments below!