KOT4X is a forex and CFD service provider that strives to offer investors a safe ECN trading atmosphere. KOT4X is partnered with topmost exchanges to offer clients 24/7 customer service. KOT4X is currently not subject to any existing regulation.

What is Kot4X?

Kot4x is an unregulated broker recognized to enable people to trade CFDs online utilizing the MetaTrader platform. KOT4X, also recognized as King of Transparency, is a foreign broker, and it is not exactly an old one. It only started in 2018, so it is comparatively new and endeavors to present traders across the globe with top-notch technology to trade the world’s markets.

They have 250 trading instruments, which include including 24/7 cryptocurrency trading, that’s why it is one of the best crypto trading platform . Notwithstanding the wide variety of the types of accounts and trading instruments, they just allow bitcoin funding. They offer fewer things, but that does not mean they do not lack in certain areas. Merits and demerits are simple to find.

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Deposit & Withdrawal

It is essential to understand what are your deposit and withdrawal options before you begin using Kot4x. Accordingly, test the operation to see how everything goes. For both deposits and withdrawals, Kot4x takes bitcoin only. You can simply begin investing your amount without bothering that a bank will hold the transfer. It will all befall quickly, and you will be capable to begin trading in no time.

Kot4x gives you a guide where you can read the abundance of learning data about purchasing bitcoin by Coinbase if you have no idea how it works. Also, what is remarkable is that if people use bitcoin funding, a buyer can make payments without disclosing any information they are scared to yield, such as their card details.

What is more, you can also track your deposits or withdrawals. On top of that, when a broker does a deposit or a withdrawal, no fees will be applied. But since Kot4x is not precisely showing all the expenses they may use, it is challenging to state whether there is something else or not.

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But while it is good that it is so easy to make withdrawals and deposits in bitcoin, we also discovered a few things that concerned us about brokers. The limited funding options greatly restrict the potential client base, and while it may be a great thing for traders who know enough about cryptocurrency, it affects brokers. It would have been more agreeable to see some other funding options. For occurrence, the site should have recognized adding things like debit or credit cards, wire transfers, or e-wallets. You can make a deposit or withdraw from their KOT4X account via Bitcoin, credit/debit cards, wire transfer, etc. There will be a 5% fee for deposits when made by e-payment via credit/debit card.


 Kot4x has remarkable features and many advantages, but it is not a regulated broker, making it very vulnerable to use. You can just use bitcoin trading, and there is no telephonic support option for traders who need urgent help. If you need to utilize it, it is advisable to use a demo account first to test the platform and see if it is the right one for you.