A penetration testing company is a type of business that specializes in assessing the security risks and vulnerabilities of its clients. The penetration tester will evaluate an organization’s network and identify any potential points of weakness or failure, which could lead to data loss or other cyber-attacks. A penetration testing company can help ensure your safety by identifying these risks before they happen.

Why Do You Need a Penetration Testing Company?

Every penetration testing company will provide you with a different set of services and results. Penetration testers use special tools to probe your system for weaknesses, which could allow an attacker access into the network or its servers. Once these vulnerabilities are identified, penetration testers can then work together with their clients to resolve them before they become a problem.

Today’s world is increasingly connected by computer networks that contain sensitive information such as credit card numbers and personal data records. A penetration tester will help ensure this information stays safe from cyber attackers who may try to take advantage of any security flaws within the organization’s systems or applications to steal private data or disrupt business processes through denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.  

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A penetration testing company is also able to test the security of your website and applications, helping you avoid any embarrassing data leaks or breaches that may occur as a result.

Penetration testing companies provide services for penetration tests on web apps, penetration tests on mobile devices such as android penetration testing and iOS penetration testing, network infrastructure penetration testing, wireless penetration testing, and much more! Contact one today to learn how they can help ensure your safety online.

Pen Testing Company Helps You Secure Your Business

A penetration testing company will test your entire network infrastructure to ensure it is secure from hackers, viruses, and other cyber-attacks. They can help reduce the risk of security breaches with penetration tests which are designed to look for holes in a business’ online defenses.

A penetration tester will also be able to identify any gaps or weaknesses within an organization’s web applications that may cause data loss, theft, or even major disruption.

Penetration testers use specially-designed tools during the penetration test process to simulate real-life hacking techniques used by cyber attackers to find these vulnerabilities before they become problems later on down the road. Penetration tests are conducted both internally (on-premise) as well as externally (testing from a remote location).

How Does It Work?

The penetration tester will first conduct a “reconnaissance” of the network and server infrastructure to discover any vulnerabilities that may exist. Once they have pinpointed these weaknesses, penetration testers then create custom-made exploit code to test how easy it is for an unauthenticated user to gain access to your system. The penetration testing process consists of several different phases: planning phase (preparation), reconnaissance phase (information gathering), vulnerability analysis & identification, confirmation of vulnerabilities, and reporting.  

Through penetration tests, companies can help you identify potential threats before they become security breaches by discovering them early on during the report creation process. A penetration testing company should be able to provide their clients with accurate results which outline all discovered risks as well as provide a detailed, step-by-step remediation report on how to resolve the vulnerabilities.


A penetration testing company can help you identify vulnerabilities in your systems before bad actors do. If you want to avoid the risks associated with potential security breaches, it’s important that your team is aware of this type of service and how they benefit you as a business owner. At the end of a penetration test, you will have an idea about what your organization’s vulnerabilities are and how to mitigate those risks. When it comes down to it, understanding these security threats is one of the most important parts of protecting your company from data breaches or any other type of cyber-attack.