Everybody is very much interested in different kinds of scenarios and games like cricket, percentage, aggregate results, examinations, and several other kinds of things. All these kinds of qualities and measures of qualities are considered to be the best possible way of ensuring that real-life becomes very much easy and people can represent the collection of data perfectly with the help of statistics. The statistics will always deal with the selection and information of data along with its representation so that it has been perfectly understood by the concerned people throughout the process. Representation of the set of data with the help of a representative will always help in ensuring that people will be able to approximately define the entire collection very easily. This particular representative value is known as the measures of central tendency and the name very well suggests that it will be the value around which the data will be completely centered. These are given by different types of parameters and the most common ones are mean median mode which is explained as follows:

  1. Mean: This is considered to be the most commonly used measure of central tendency and this is the actual value that will help in representing the average of the given collection of data. It will be applicable for both continuous as well as discrete data and will be equal to the sum of all the values in the collection of data divided by the total number of values. It is denoted by the X bar and is also available in two different kinds of representations with different formulas.
  2. Median: This is the representation of the middle value of the given set of data when it will be arranged into a particular order. When the given data has been arranged into the ascending or descending order then we will need to follow a comprehensive process which will be if the number of values will be odd in number, then median will be given by N +1/2th observation and if the given data is the even in number, then it will be given as the average of N/2th and N/2+ 1th observation
  3. Mode: This is the most frequent number occurring in the entire dataset and is known as the mode. The number which comes with maximum frequency across the entire dataset will be known as the mode of the data. It is very much important for people to be clear about the relationship of all these kinds of central tendency measures so that they can solve the questions very easily. 

The Relationship Between the Three of Them Has Been Explained as Follows:

Mode is Equal to 3 into Median -2 into Mean

 This particular relation is also referred to as the empirical relationship in the world of statistics and it can be perfectly utilized in terms of finding out one of the measures when the other two will be given to the people along with a certain amount of data. This particular type of relationship can be perfectly rewritten and rearranged in different kinds of forms by interchanging the left-hand side and right-hand side of the whole process without any kind of problem. Apart from this being clear about the range is another very important thing because in the world of statistics this will be the difference between the highest and the lowest data value in the entire set. This particular formula will be given by:

The Range is Equal to Highest Value Minus Lowest Value

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