Businesses know the value of marketing and invest a large amount of money in it. With the help of technology, marketers have more tools at their disposal that give advanced control over what they can do.  

AI is bringing revolutionary changes to multiple fields, and SEO is no exception. Big brands have already begun adopting AI to improve the way they do business. These companies have started using AI in ways that were not possible before. They also set a precedent for other companies to follow them. 

Let’s See How They Use AI for SEO:

Amazon Using AI for Recommendations:

Amazon is currently the largest online retail brand. The brand incorporates artificial intelligence in making personalized recommendations. Alexa, its voice assistant, helps customers do voice searches.

It’s not easy to predict the behavior of customers. When the market is big, it’s not possible to track every customer manually. So, Amazon uses AI to anticipate customer needs and offer personalized recommendations.

Amazon’s recommendation algorithm works by collecting data about a customer’s past purchases. Then, it matches similar products based on user history. It compiles it into a list and makes suggestions to users.  

When customers click “Recommended for You,” they will receive customized recommendations. Customers can filter these recommendations with several criteria like reviews and product types. 

With AI, Amazon improves the user experience. It will lead to more customers staying loyal to the brand. Companies offering SEO services in India enable businesses to correctly utilize the available user data and provide personalized recommendations to customers. 

Alexa and Voice Shopping:

These days people do voice searches when they are looking for a product. Optimizing for voice search is more critical today than before. Work with an affordable SEO company to optimize for voice searches.

 Alexa helps users to purchase products without tapping their screens. Amazon believes that AI helps them improve the customer experience. It is how the brand leads in the customer convenience area. It gives them a competitive edge and a strong foothold in the market.

Pinterest, Target, and IKEA – Visual search:

Visual search is going to bring radical changes to the consumer market. Visual search will replace pictures with keywords. 

 Visual search is more in tune with reality, as humans are visual creatures. The human brain is good at identifying patterns and shapes. AI in visual search is all about training the machines to recognize patterns. 

 In 2017, Pinterest launched Lens to pave the way for visual searches. Pinterest Lens allows users to take a snap of any object they like. Pinterest will recommend similar products matching your photos.

 In 2017, Target partnered with Pinterest to incorporate the visual search tool into its apps. The visual search tool helps customers to ditch keywords for snaps. They will land into product pages when they take a pic of a garment they like.

 IKEA’s app allows users to place furniture in their homes and find the right size before buying. The app also allows customers to take a snap of furniture in shops, houses, or even from a product catalog. This way, customers can match furniture, even though they can’t express it in words.

Visual searches make it easier to find products. If product discovery becomes easy, more sales are bound to happen. These companies are using AI to bring more conversions. 

Facebook – Chatbots and Face Recognition:

Facebook is one of the major social media platforms. It collects information about users from their likes, as well as information about their location. Through this data, it makes content recommendations to users in “Facebook Watch.” 

 Facebook uses DeepFace to recognize people in photos. Facebook believes that its tool is more successful than humans in identifying persons in the pictures.  

Facebook allows developers to create and include chatbots for Messenger. With chatbots, brands can improve customer experience. Small businesses with limited resources can make the most of this Facebook feature. A digital marketing company offering SEO services in India will help you with chatbots.

Search Engines

Google uses RankBrain to get you the most relevant results. It uses search data history and user behavior to get the best fit results. If the user is satisfied, the algorithm adds the keyword into its database. The algorithm uses the Back Propagation Technique to match user queries.

Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm helps understand search intent. The algorithm also uses Semantic Search and Natural Language Processing techniques. The move away from keywords into user intent helps Google fetch contextual results. 

Disney World – Customized Entertainment:

Disney World is a leading player in the entertainment industry. The company uses behavioral analytics to give a more customized entertainment experience. 

Disney introduced the MagicBand in 2013. Through the wristband, the company collects behavioral data. The long-range antenna in the wristband helps the company track customer behavior. 

It helps the company keep track of peak times and attraction spots. It uses the data for geo-targeting. Disney sends personalized content to users based on their location. Work with a company offering SEO services in India to personalize your content for the target audience.

 It also helps the company give a personalized restaurant experience. People can use the Disney World app to reserve a place.

When they get near the restaurant, the antenna notifies the host. It allows the host to greet the guest by name. It also allows the host to prepare the meal as soon as they get notified. This way, Disney improves customer satisfaction through AI.