SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is a process to boost the visibility of a web page in search engines.

Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware. And it is no exception for SEO companies. In fact, Google was listed among the top ten of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies” in 2014. It has also become one of the best places to find employment, not just for programmers but other professions as well. There are even SEO Love Poems that reflect how Google is almost like a wife or girlfriend to some people.

SEO Conference Philippines Conference

We will tell you more about these poems later on. For now, let us get back to our story on SEO Conference Philippines Conference 2017. On October 6-8, the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P), together with WSI (World Site Indexer) held their annual search engine optimization event which invited top experts from different parts of the world. One of them was Andrey Butov who made SEO his career. He is the one who started the whole SEO love poem craze in Manila where he stayed for several weeks to train professionals on how to take advantage of search engines.

Victor Tran

Another speaker was Victor Tran, a product at Google. He works on Google’s “Feedback APP” which helps improve their products and services through user feedback. It can be downloaded by anyone, including you. Once installed, every time you use an app or go to services like Gmail, Google Drive, or YouTube, you will receive questions regarding your experience with the said apps/services. The responses are used by Google engineers to fix bugs and improve existing features so that everyone can enjoy their products more.

Besides learning about SEO, there were also mini-workshops where attendees shared their experiences and learned more about SEO guest posting. Then they performed mini-presentations in front of the audience, demonstrating how search engine optimization has helped them in reaching their goals in life.

SEO Experts Meeting

Aside from meeting SEO experts, there was another highlight during the conference—a special talk by Google’s top manager who talked about their ways of identifying users who are having problems with some of its products, aside from sending out e-mails to customers when something is amiss. They also use an app called “Feedback App” which helps gather feedback from users on a particular product or service they recently used. The main goal of this app is to help the company identify bugs or issues online so they can fix them quickly and improve on them in the future.

To show their gratitude to all the attendees, UA&P held a raffle for those who attended SEO Conference Philippines Conference 2017. It was a three-day event where different speakers from around the world shared their knowledge about SEO. They also provided tips and tricks on how you can use search engine optimization in your business or company website. If you missed this conference, then surely you missed out on an amazing opportunity that has helped many Filipinos over the years.

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3) One reason why SEO experts are hired by many businesses today is so that they can get more people to visit their website or company page. The best way for this to happen is by posting content that will be interesting and useful for readers- this means you should keep them updated with the latest news when it comes to business, finance, health, travel, food, sports, and other things like these.

4) If your operations are online-only (or even if they’re not), then hiring an SEO expert like Victor Tran is crucial in promoting your products or services in front of potential buyers. And because many businesses focus on offering top-quality service these days, hiring someone who specializes in search engine optimization can help give you an edge over other competitors in the same industry!

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SEO contains on-page or off-page optimization. One of the benefits of hiring an SEO expert is that you can get both at the same time, while some companies offer one type of service only. If you are looking for more reasons why you should hire SEO services, and then make sure to check out this page here!