Both artificial intelligence and machine learning play an important role in the era of technology. Some people use both these terms interchangeably and believe that these terms are synonymous with each other. Both the terms are similar to each other and closely interrelated. But we can’t call them the same. Machine learning is just a branch of artificial intelligence and can’t be called the same as artificial intelligence.

Both the concepts are different. Artificial intelligence is a broader concept, whereas machine learning is a part of it, hence a narrow concept. They are a significant boon in this century. Both these terms are familiar to almost all people today. But, many may be unaware of their difference. 

There is a lot of confusion between these terms in the market, so let us clearly understand both and the major fundamental differences between them.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the art of training machines and computers so that they can perform all the tasks of a human. It can be understood just like the task of computer learning human intelligence. There are various applications of Artificial Intelligence such as natural language processing, expert systems, speech recognition, and machine vision. Sellers in the market also promote their products by showing how their products use artificial intelligence. It uses the concept of machine learning algorithms to train computers.

Artificial intelligence uses several patterns and analyses them to make predictions. A bot fed with different messages to chat with the users is a perfect example of artificial intelligence. There are three major skills on which artificial intelligence focus – self-correction, learning, and reasoning. It is believed that artificial intelligence can perform better tasks than humans. With its help, a company can get insights into its operations, which it was unaware of previously.

Today Ola and Uber are renowned companies because they connect the riders with taxis. This is possible only because of artificial intelligence. It uses algorithms that predict when people are waiting for the taxis at a certain place. The tasks which require deep analysis can be performed by artificial intelligence much faster than humans. So it saves time for data-heavy tasks. 

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is an extension of artificial intelligence, and it focuses on using algorithms to do the tasks that humans can do. Machine learning plays an important role in the growing field of data science. Machine learning uses statistical methods to train the algorithms to make predictions. Through the application of machine learning, the systems can learn automatically and focus on their development.

Several computer programs are made which can use and access data when required. There are several processes involved in machine learning, such as instructions, direct experience, and making decisions in the future. The main motive of machine learning is to make computers learn things without any interference from humans. Firstly, an analysis is made, then the learning algorithm starts, and finally, predictions are made. The process of machine learning takes additional time and resources to deliver accurate and faster results. Machine learning is an effective technology to process a large collection of information.

Today Siri and Alexa are very popular virtual personal assistants who help in finding information whenever the user asks them to. It has been made possible only because of machine learning. Machine learning has an essential role in both because it collects personal information and then renders results. Whenever a person uses google GPS navigation services, he gets information about any traffic jams that he may get in his way. This is because of the predictions made by machine learning.

Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Artificial intelligence is a process of training a machine so that it imitates the task and behavior of humans. On the other hand, machine learning is artificial intelligence that helps a machine learn from its past experiences. Artificial intelligence aims to make a smart computer system to perform all the tasks of humans and solve complex problems faster. Whereas, by machine learning, machines learn from the data and give the output to its users.
  • AI is a technology where we can say that here computers can perfectly mimic human intelligence. This system doesn’t require any pre-program. They only use such algorithms, which can help to work with their intelligence. It involves deep learning networks as well as machine learning algorithms. On the other hand, machine learning uses historical data, i.e., past data, and allows a computer system to produce and make important decisions. Machine learning gives accurate results because it uses an ample amount of structured data. 
  • AI has two subsets: machine learning and deep learning, whereas machine learning has only one subset: deep learning. Artificial intelligence has a larger scope as compared to machine learning. Machine learning has a limited scope only.
  • AI includes problem-solving and learning new things and machine learning taking and using the entire data, and learning the difficult things for humans. It aims at maximizing the chances of solving a complex problem. It creates an intelligent system that can solve complex tasks. On the other hand, machine learning ensures that systems perform the tasks perfectly only for which they are trained.
  • Machine learning mainly involves accuracy and patterns. Expert systems and customer care systems that involve bots are the main applications of artificial intelligence. Google search and Facebook auto friend tagging are among the main examples of machine learning. 
  • The three types of artificial intelligence can be divided into weak artificial intelligence, general artificial intelligence, and strong artificial intelligence. On the other hand, the three types of machine learning are reinforcement, supervised, and unsupervised learning.

The Bottom Line

It is hard to imagine our lives without the technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning. They have taken an important place in every field. In the past, an act like this was termed magic, but today it is happening because of these technologies. Their importance is growing nowadays because companies use these technologies to improve their products or services. We encounter them daily without even realizing it. Both these technologies also enhance the decision-making process of the companies.

Getting music recommendations on the internet, helping in avoiding traffic, virtual personal digital assistants, and self-driving vehicles are all possible due to them. They have also helped save people’s lives. They help in examining medical conditions and predict whether a person is likely to get a heart attack. At some places, a shipping project is run to deliver the items to customers before he requires them. This prediction has been made possible because of such technologies. They also make Earthquake predictions, which tell in advance whether an earthquake is likely to come shortly. Technologies have been established everywhere and have incorporated a significant difference in our lives. They have made our lives easier and more comfortable. In the upcoming years, a lot more developments will happen because of them. Therefore, there is an increasing scope of career opportunities in this field to establish a lucrative career.