As a student, you’re probably looking for internships during your semester breaks or even after graduating. But for that, you will need to make sure that you have a great resume ready that is perfect for an internship. Here, we will help learn how to put a resume together for your internship. Let’s have a look at how to go about this.

What is an Internship Resume?

An internship resume is essentially one that you send out with your cover letter to organizations that you wish to intern at. There are multiple types of internships present that students opt for, and each of the internships requires a relevant resume from the candidate. If you don’t have a resume right now, then it is time to make your first resume.

What Will Your Internship Resume Include?

There are multiple things that you will need to include in your resume such as:

  • Contact information
  • Personal Summary ( This isn’t necessary)
  • Education/ Qualification
  • Experiences
  • Skills
  • Certifications

Make sure that you add all the relevant elements here as you want to put out your best self when applying.

How Can You Reach Out for Internship Opportunities?

You will only be able to send your resumes when you have the opportunity to send them to the right places. But how do you get to know about internships? Let’s have a look.

1. University

The easiest way to get to know about internships is through your university. They have all the latest details about which internships are available and what the deadlines are. Go ahead to the job placement department of your university, and you will be able to see the vast opportunities they have available for you.

2. Career Counselling

Career counseling businesses are also filled with internship possibilities. You can head to online career counseling platforms or reach out to other agencies that help with career counseling. More often than not, you will find that the career counseling in your university is enough for you to land an internship.

3. Online Platforms

According to Forbes, there are ten best websites available for you to search for internships. These include:

These are great for students who want to experience new things for their careers.

4. Networks

There are plenty of ways to network to help ensure you get to increase your contacts. This way, you will get to know about internships quickly through your contacts. So, the best thing to do is make sure that you’re smart about creating your first resume.  

Using a Resume Builder for Your Internship Resume

One of the best tips for writing a resume is to use a professional and reliable resume builder. This helps make sure that you get adequate help with the resume that you need. It is a smart and effective way to get your internship resume to the next level. More than that, it is pretty simple to follow through. There are no complications when it comes to creating a resume as you get a professional template for your internship resume.  

The best thing about this online resume builder is that it is free and it will help you get the job that you’re looking forward to. Creating a resume has never been easier. With access to making edits and customization for your internship job resume, you will find this to be a great option for doing a resume for the first time.

How to Write An Internship Resume?

Now, let’s talk about how to write an internship resume. There are multiple steps involved when it comes to this, so let’s go over them one by one.

1. Reach Out and Network

The first thing that you would want to do is make sure that you are connected with others. When you speak to professionals and gain more knowledge, you will find that you are much more aware of how to go about writing resumes. More than that, you get basic guidelines about how a great resume looks. Use different platforms for this, including LinkedIn. This will help you connect with people who are well-versed in creating resumes or know what the hiring company expects.

2. Brainstorm

You should know that self-assessment is the top step when you’re writing a resume. This requires you to brainstorm and figure out where you stand, what your qualifications are, what you want to do in the future, and the reasons for applying for the given internship. Along with this, it helps to put together a resume easier. You get to streamline what you need to include in your resume and make your objective clearer.

3. Focus on Your Objective Statement

The objective statement of your internship resume is essential. For effective resume writing, you should make sure that you practice how to write the ultimate objective statement. You can optimize your objective statement by adding relevant details that the recruiter is looking for. After analyzing the job description, you can emphasize the skills that you have in your objective statement.

4. Start with Your Best

Have a look at Harvard’s guidelines for resumes. You will find that you need to ensure that you are adding quality information to your resume. This means that you need to start by listing your best qualifications and traits first, and then move on to other things. This is essential as it will help your recruiter focus on the best that you offer. Your qualification should be your best when you’re looking for internships.

5. Cover All of the Work Experiences

Now, one of the major chunks of resumes covers experiences. You will need to make sure that includes all of the work experiences that you have had. As a student, it is normal for you to not have work experience at your stage. So, to make up for this, you can add all the relevant items as a substitute. These include volunteer activities, part-time work, extracurriculars, and more.

6. Don’t Forget the Achievements Section

One of the most essential things to add is the achievements sections in your resume. Students going for internships need to showcase their skills through this. Since most students do not have a lot of work experience, it is best to talk about what you have achieved here. Talk about any competitions you have won, and research papers you have written, and anything else that helps to create your first resume.

Things to Do After You’re Done Writing Your Internship Resume

The resume best practice is to make sure that you go over your resume over and over again till it is perfect. Here is a list of things that you will need to do.

Proofread and Edit

After creating your resume, you will have to make sure that you proofread and edit thoroughly. You don’t want to overlook any rules spelling as that will surely put the recruiter off. Along with this, you will need to make sure that you add the relevant details to your resume.

Format in A Uniform Manner

The format of your resume is essential if you want to please the reader. Make use of white space and ensure that it is pleasing to the eyes. A resume filled with excessive information and no readability can be easily overlooked by recruiters as they will not be interested in all the information. Make it scannable and easy to follow for the readers.

Customize Your Resume According to the Internship

The career development experts at Princeton suggest that you should write your internship resume by considering what the reader might be thinking. So, you will need to make sure that you’re adding all of the right information to the resume. Spell your resume correctly throughout, and ensure that you practice cv writing before sending out your resume.

Important to Read

  • Be consistent in your resume
  • Make sure that it is easy to follow
  • Follow reverse chronological order
  • Avoid gaps in your resume
  • Be articulate rather than full of jargon
  • Make it quick to scan for readers

Bottom Line

Writing an internship resume requires practice. Make sure that you focus on what you bring to the recruiters so that you’re able to get shortlisted for the internship. Follow through with the writing tips mentioned here to have a better chance at securing your internship. Make use of the resume builder, customize according to your needs, and ensure that you are reaching out to the right people for better connections. All of this will pay off when you get your internship finalized.

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