We all know about the potential of Bitcoin and Ethereum. These coins have already made several millionaires. However, their price is too high, and the entry-level for investing in BTC and ETH now is very high if we speak about serious investment.

That’s why many people turn their attention to other coins. There are plenty of promising projects out there, and some of them might change the way the cryptocurrency world looks. Specialists say that Civic crypto and ADA might be such projects and they are for sure worth your attention if you want to benefit from investing in crypto in the long term.

So, let us have a closer look at the mentioned coins, and let’s try to determine whether they are a viable investment.

CIVIC Coin Price Forecast

Civic is a native coin of the blockchain that aims to solve the identity management issue on the web. It is achieved by storing the verified identity on the blockchain. As long as blockchain is immutable, it is impossible to change or fraudster the record.

Therefore, considering the project’s utility and its importance, it is possible to conclude that Civic might be growing in value over time.

And indeed, specialists forecast it. Identity management is the issue many users face. That’s why it is expected that with the growth of the number of users interested in solving the issue, the coin value is going to increase. Another factor that may impact the Civic future is the absence of similar projects that can compete efficiently. 

Now, the coin value isn’t high. At the moment of writing, the coin price is 0.3459 USD. Specialists were optimistic about 2021, they used to insist that the crypto price will grow to at least 0.5. However, the growth was slower than expected. Even though we cannot tell that the trend was disappointing for the investors.

By 2025, the Civic value is expected to grow well over 2 USD and by the end of the year, it might be over 2.5 USD for one coin.

Finally, by 2030, the coin price might grow to as much as 15 USD. We believe that considering the current issues with identity management, this prediction is pretty viable.

Cardano as a Potential Investment Opportunity

Cardano is another project worth your attention. Cardano builds a blockchain that is referred to as the third-generation blockchain. The blockchain runs on the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and supports apps and smart contracts. It enables fast and cheap transactions making it an effective competitor of Ethereum.

That’s why ADA Cardano price prediction 2030 is very optimistic, at least until Ethereum switches to the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. 

It is expected that the ADA value will surge to above 3 USD per coin by the end of 2022. Considering that at tome moment of writing, its value has surpassed the mark of 1 USD and continues growing, this prediction seems to be pretty realistic. 

In 2023, ADA will continue growing in price even though with significant fluctuations. So, the value of the coin might fluctuate from 2 USD to 3 USD. While 2023 is not expected to be very promising for ADA, the cryptocurrency will eventually recover. 

2024 looks more promising for Cardano and its native cryptocurrency ADA. Many investors believe that its value might surge to 10 USD per coin. There are more pessimistic forecasts but even according to them, we can expect the value growth to be at least 8 USD per coin. 

By 2030, the ADA value is expected to grow to 100 USD and surpass the mark. The most optimistic analytics claim that 100 USD is the minimum while the maximum can be well above 111 USD per coin.