Blockchain has become a household name. Nowadays, you can buy food, art, book a flight or a hotel room and all you need is cryptocurrency. Surely, Bitcoin isn’t the most popular payment method yet but it is slowly making its way towards this goal.

The emergence of Bitcoin led to many new crypto coins getting to the top: Ethereum and BNB (Binance’s own coin) had been rocking in 2021. Last year, the price of Binance Coin was less than $30. Now, you can buy BNB for over $430 per coin.

In this article, we will see the potential of cryptocurrency – the past and the future.

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What is Cryptocurrency?

Before we start investing, we should know what cryptocurrency is all about. Cryptocurrency is a digital, non-physical payment system that allows for secure and direct transfer of funds over the internet. Unlike bank transactions, cryptocurrency payments are direct, meaning that there is no middle man. They are also decentralized, which means that the world’s various currencies do not rely on banks to verify transactions. These transfers are verified through a cryptographic process and stored in an encrypted form in digital wallets.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency

No matter what you put your money into, your investment has to offer benefits, to gain traction. So, what is so special about cryptocurrencies?

Stability and Self-Governance

Stable and well-maintained blockchains are essential to the success of any cryptocurrency. There are a few key components that make the blockchain trustworthy. Storing the transaction history on hardware owned by miners means there is no centralized authority that can tamper with the records. Miners are incentivized to keep the records accurate because they also receive payment in block rewards.

Security and Data Privacy

Hackers cannot easily trace crypto transactions because they use a mix of private and public keys. This makes them more secure than other online transactions, which are linked to user accounts. Cryptocurrencies also offer better privacy because the founders are unknown and transactions are not stored on any central database. They offer more anonymity than traditional credit cards, where users provide their names, addresses, and credit card numbers in full view of merchants and hackers.

Money Safety

One of the reasons Bitcoin was created in 2009 was because of the financial crisis that had taken place just months before. With the fear of debt and a failing economy, many people turned to cryptocurrencies as a means of holding their money safely and securely. Blockchain is decentralized, and your funds will be secure under any circumstances, barring any fraudulent activities.

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency Today

Many people became overnight millionaires of cryptocurrencies. It seems like the early bird catches the prey in this industry, too. Cryptocurrency has opened up a new side of the world of finance. People who have invested in cryptocurrency have been able to make money while doing so, and thousands of people continue to invest daily.

So, is the industry “dry?” Not at all!

While many people managed to make a lot of money in the 2010s trading with Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have found many new applications today. Let’s find out how you can make money in 2022.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Although most miners have moved on to altcoins, Bitcoin mining rigs are still in high demand. With more than 90% of Bitcoins already mined, there is still vast potential for miners. Other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and Litecoin, continue to generate interest from miners worldwide.

Still, there is something you should know about crypto mining. The profits you make will depend on three things:

  • Equipment – the latest the hardware, the more energy-efficient and powerful it will be, and the more profits you will generate.
  • Electricity costs – if you live in a place where electricity bills are too high, it might not be beneficial to mine crypto.
  • Local taxes – depending on your residency, you might have to pay different taxes. 


“Holding on for dear life” has turned from a meme to a way of life for many people. In 2010, even a regular PC could mine up to 100 Bitcoins a day. 

Today, this amount would equal well over $4 million. Many people have made the mistake of selling their crypto too early, leading them to lose out on potentially lucrative gains. Instead, they should have known to hold onto it until the market turned in their favor and then sell it for a higher price than what they bought it for. The current bitcoin price is not what it was around this time last year, but it’s predicted to grow, meaning that you should definitely hold on to it. 

Holding on to your cryptocurrency investments does have its advantages, especially when it comes to taxation. After all, cryptocurrency holdings are considered “property” by most jurisdictions and as such, investors are required to report their capital gains and losses when they submit a personal income tax return. However, HODLing usually carries more favorable tax implications.

While the majority of people sold out their Bitcoins too early, they seem to have learned their lesson and are keeping Ethers and BNBs to secure early retirement.


Cryptocurrency trading is a growing market, and it isn’t showing signs of slowing down. Cryptocurrencies can experience wild price swings in the short term, but long-term trends may provide greater returns. That said, nothing is guaranteed in this market, so investors should do their own research and make investment decisions accordingly. The majority of people are still trading to this day.

What to Look for Before Investing in Cryptocurrency?

No matter which way you choose to make money with crypto – mining, holding, or trading, you should look for several things on the market:

Interest in the Cryptocurrency

If you’re considering investing in cryptocurrencies, you have to know the basics. You need to find out how much interest the coin is generating. If the coin is widespread and growing, that’s a good sign; if it’s not, it’s probably not worth your investment dollars.

Utility of the Cryptocurrency

Most of the coins are kind of Bitcoin derivates. Are they just as successful? The answer is – no. For a cryptocurrency to be valuable, it should solve a problem. Ethereum became popular because it creates smart contracts which resolve arguments. Ripple offers excellent payment speed and low fees. Litecoin has become a good payment processor. BNB offers utility for Binance platform users. Every thriving coin has “a story.” Try to look at it before jumping in.

ICO Hypes

Initial coin offerings attract a great deal of attention. Unfortunately, however, hype and interest surrounding ICOs are not the same things. Do not fall for the trap of buying into a cryptocurrency that is making a lot of noise all over the internet. To get involved, you need to check back with those who have been there and done that in the past and who can attest to the viability of any project or team.


It’s always a good time to invest in cryptocurrency. You can make some sweet profit in 2022, and you should not regret not starting earlier. However, the cryptocurrency market gives us many surprises, and to be successful, try to avoid falling into traps and easy money. 

Instead, focus on building a long-term strategy revolving around mining, holding assets, or trading. Last but not least – research. Try to look for things others can’t look at. See things others can’t see. Having the upper hand in crypto is one of the most noteworthy advantages you could have.