Social media is a massive part of our life – and it has its pros as well as its cons. Sometimes, people who use social media army like Viber (kids and elderly, mostly) can’t judge between the two. In situations like these, it gets necessary to keep an eye on them for their safety.

In this article, we will guide you along the whole process and teach you how to read someone’s Viber messages without their phone.

What’s Viber, and Who Uses It?

Viber is a free messaging and social media app. People can use it to:

  • Make calls
  • Send texts
  • Share media (photos/videos)

In many ways, it is like WhatsApp. And it is trendy among the youth because of a good few reasons:

  • Users can call (video/voice) other Viber users for free
  • You can avail free group chats up to 200 people, which is very attractive to the younger generation
  • You can follow public topics and people of your choice
  • Users can share stickers with each other, which is another popular feature among youth
  • It is available both as a phone app and a computer application
  • Users can connect with others while playing games

Due to these appealing features, Viber has over 240 million active users. And it becomes essential to learn how to read someone’s Viber messages online to ensure your loved ones are safe from predators and other harmful factors on this platform. Because of the popularity of these apps, there is a need to get to know how to get someone else’s messages on your phone or how to spy on conversations in different apps.

What Methods Can You Use to Read Someone’s Viber Messages?

First of all, you should understand that you cannot hack someone’s Viber without any access to their phone. It isn’t possible, contrary to what people on the internet might say. You need to get access to someone’s device at least once if you want access to their Viber.

That said, you have a few options to look at a person’s Viber chat once you get physical access to their phone.

Email Access

When you have access to someone’s phone or laptop, you can easily send their chats to yourself in the email. That way, you can read someone’s Viber messages without their phone. But the first-time access is still needed.

Another problem with this method is that you will only be able to read the chat history you sent yourself. You won’t have access to any texts after that.

Use QR Code

Just like WhatsApp, Viber also uses QR codes to access accounts. So if you have physical access to a loved one’s phone or computer where they are using Viber, you can quickly scan their QR code to open the accounts on your own phone or tablet.

These methods work, but they require you to have physical access to a person’s device at least once. And even then, constant real-time access is not guaranteed. So, what can you do?

mSpy – The Best Spying App for Viber

If you want to learn how to spy on Viber messages without a target phone, mSpy is a fantastic option. mSpy is a spying app that can be used on both Android and iPhone. And it comes with a lot of valuable features.

One of mSpy’s features is that you can use it to access someone’s Viber account. And with mSpy, you can have real-time access to:

  • Monitor chats
  • View call history and contact details
  • Look through group chats
  • Track data

So if you want to find out how to get the Viber chat history of others online, there is no recommendation better than mSpy.

You can easily use mSpy by:

  1. Purchasing a suitable subscription package
  2. Following installation instructions
  3. Opening the Control Panel on your phone


Many safety concerns can require you to read someone’s Viber messages. But you can’t have physical access to someone’s devices all the time. So, you need a way to check their Viber remotely. We recommend using mSpy as it is simple to use, and you can easily access someone’s Viber account with it.