Internet and information technologies have created new, convenient means of communication that outshine and bring the downfall of traditional media. Due to an emphasis on efficiency and the necessity to appeal to the individual needs of a consumer, modern entertainment platforms do a better job at capturing our attention and extending usage time. From streaming platforms to social media networks, digital media is just better at maximizing user engagement.

The manipulation of techniques that increase consumption has also revolutionized the world of advertisement. Digital marketing employs modern practices to present potentially desirable products and services with strategic placement on social media platforms and other websites. User information tracking and graceful presentation of targeted ads that tailor to their needs is the main method of marketing that requires finesse to make a product attractive without infringing a potential client’s privacy. However, great marketing campaigns need to utilize different methods of advertisement to create long-lasting relationships with a loyal client base.

Social media marketing is a great way to humanize the approach to potential customers and reach a wider audience. Establishing a strong presence on the most popular platforms brings flexibility to communicate with the clients. Because the most effective advertisements are often unique compositions of content to entertain the recipient with the presentation of the product, social media platforms allow us to capture the attention of their users and receive feedback!

In this article, we will focus on unique complexities and innovative solutions that help companies establish a foothold on social media networks. The internet creates a very competitive business environment because it connects people all around the world, therefore the best players have a chance to stand out. Our goal today is to understand the importance of scalability on social media platforms and the tools that help us achieve it, such as proxy servers. For example, a US proxy helps businesses mimic connections from the United States by sending data requests through intermediary servers. A well-oiled marketing machine can use multiple US proxies to create fake users that contribute to the success of a company’s page or channel. Read more to learn about the implementation of a US proxy and its multilayered benefits to a marketing campaign. Proxy servers are our key to managing a social media army!

Why Would You Need Proxy Servers to Create Multiple Accounts?

Social media account botting is by no means a new practice. Out of curiosity, most internet users have created additional Facebook or Instagram pages to manage business inquiries or preserve anonymity while communicating with others. However, the recent crackdown of bot accounts across most popular social networks has complicated their implementation for marketing scalability.

Creating fake accounts can do wonders for the growth of a social media page and brand promotion. However, if they all originate from the same IP address, the networks can easily see their origins. Proxy servers allow us to assign different identities to every account to improve their credibility. While they are still sophisticated algorithms that may detect fake users, which is a violation of terms of use, proxies greatly reduce the chance of detection. The rest is up to you to make those accounts feel like real users.

The best proxy server providers offer you a wide pool of IPs from various locations all around the world. If your goal is internationalization, diversifying identities of fake accounts can help you if done properly, but we recommend using proxies with IPs in the general vicinity of your company.

Which Proxy Type is the Best for Social Media Management?

At first, let’s start with addressing the only proxy type that can do more harm than good for digital marketing. Mainly used as a practice tool by beginner users, free public proxies are dangerous and unpredictable, because more often than not, there is no way of knowing who is behind them. Entrusting your data packets to an unknown third party is already bad enough for personal use if you use it to connect to bank accounts and social media networks, let alone for business tasks. To avoid the traps set up for potential hackers, only use proxies from legitimate, business-oriented providers.

Datacenter proxies are the cheapest legitimate proxy servers, but their recognizability makes them a subpar choice for managing social media accounts. Because multiple users can connect to the same server, this makes their IPs a bit more recognizable than addresses from internet service providers. While such identification is still very unlikely, some choose to go with the safer, albeit more expensive option – residential proxies.

Real IPs that come from devices with real internet service providers give us residential proxies, which are the best option for the highest level of anonymity. The rotation of IPs helps social media managers use different, unique addresses for every connection to the platform’s servers to avoid recipients of any suspicion and distrust. The constant manipulation of network identities gives businesses a chance to increase the amount of managed accounts without risking the exposure of the main IP address.

An army of social media accounts is crucial for social media marketing because they can be automated and send huge traffic boosts to websites, influencers, and anyone looking to make social media users into their customers. With a good proxy provider by your side, you can push these advantages to grow your brand, outshine the competition, and capture the attentiveness and engagement of future customers. Do not neglect this essential part of digital marketing if you want to attract loyal customers!

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