Digital gift cards are rapidly gaining popularity amongst the masses as the best choice to present to someone on their special day.

If you are someone who has been waiting to do their holiday shopping and out of nowhere someone gives you a digital gift card, your happiness will skyrocket. The perfect gift to buy everything that you want or desire.

There are a lot of platforms that introduced their gift cards, for instance, Amazon, GameStop, eBay, etc. and the best part is you can easily check Amazon, GameStop gift card balance to know how much you can spend freely.

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What is a Digital Gift Card?

A digital gift card or an e-gift is a new kind of gift or a present that you can send to your loved one, friend, or family member easily through email.

A lot of big brands and stores offer them. Digital gift cards became immensely popular during the coronavirus pandemic as people could not leave their premises or celebrate the big days of their loved ones, this was one of the best options to send gifts.

The digital gift cards can be sent through email or a physical gift card can be sent through local post mail. It happens that sometimes the recipient doesn’t check their email on a regular basis or is not in the habit of checking their emails regularly. For people like them, it is possible to send them physical gift cards so that the cards are shipped to them to reach them on time.

A digital gift card comes with an already topped-up balance for the recipient to use. The balance can vary from $10 to $5000 depending upon how much you want to send them.

As the idea of digital gift cards became popular during the pandemic, more and more companies were inclined to introduce their own cards as this will increase their sales as well as spread the word of trust.

Like other stores, many gaming stores also jumped into this avenue of digital gift cards. GameStop is one of them.

GameStop also provided its users a facility to check the balance of the gift card before using it. This way they would be completely aware of the budget in hand.

GameStop is one of the favorite game stores of people who love to play online games. It is one of the pioneers in the market and has been upgrading as time changes. From DVDs to CDs and now to digital outlets of games, GameStop has come a long way.

It was the right decision to move into the avenue of digital gift cards as it gave the company a surplus in sales that were affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Let’s have a look at some of the most amazing features offered by GameStop gift cards:

  •  The digital gift card doesn’t expire and has no redemption fee at all
  • You can opt for a digital design of your choice to be placed on the physical car
  • Comes in both digital and physical mode
  • You can easily redeem your gift card at any online or physical store across the country
  • Gamestop gift card balance can be easily checked online.

The minimum amount for a gift card at GameStop is $25 and later on, you can customize the amount of your choice.

The best part about a GameStop gift card is that it gives immense power and liberty to the layers to buy anything that they wish for.

It can be anything from electronics, collectibles, video games, toys, etc.

How to Check the GameStop Gift Card Balance?

If you have received a GameStop gift card but you are clueless about its balance, it is very easy to check the balance.

Simply log in to the website and there you will find an option of getting a balance.

You will have to add a unique PIN which will be written on the card and the user ID that you will receive with your digital gift card.

You have to input both details to know the balance of your GameStop gift card.


Thanks to the latest technology, life is becoming easier as the world transforms into a busy place. Now you can send a digital gift card to your loved one and they would not have the slightest idea that it was bought at the very last moment. Gift cards are the perfect gift for shopaholics to buy something of their own choice. A Win-Win situation for both the sender and the receiver!