In anticipation of the New Year and all the hustle and bustle, most people do a lot of shopping and also look for different offers. Statistics show that 57% of users are more likely to open emails from brands during the holidays.

Today, many people prefer to shop online. Therefore, to engage customers and offer them a good deal, you should create some Christmas letter templates and think about the offers you are going to launch this festive season. Ready-made products are easier to use to quickly fill out content and send to users. That way you will spend less time on emails and have more customer growth. 

So, MasterBundles have compiled the 7 best email marketing ideas that are actively used. They help you stand out from the others and present people with useful deals, crazy discounts, and stylish new goods. We are sure that these are the most working email marketing techniques because we are actively using these strategies to get customers to our products and fresh offers.

Intriguing Letters Beforehand

More than half of all people try to prepare for the holidays ahead of time. They are in a hurry and start shopping for gifts as early as November or even October. So, why not start the pre-Christmas email campaign well in advance?

In this way, a lot of clients can take notice of your offers long before the holidays and think about buying something from you in advance at favorable conditions. That way you can keep ahead of the competitors by sending a pre-Christmas email campaign to keep the focus of your subscribers.

This is what some successful companies do: They start their Christmas campaign early. They also offer their customers good discounts for the holiday.

You can also write a letter with an intriguing ending that keeps your customers waiting for holiday offers and discounts.



What do you think could be more fun and interesting than a simple coupon or discount code? The answer is quite simple — a contest! Believe us, it would be one of the best and at the same time simple ideas for Christmas letters. 

It will not only get the customer’s interest, but also let them know that you do not just send out different letters for your own benefit and to make money, but that you really care about the clients. 

It is no secret that most people do not even open letters with boring and strange offers of discounts or the like, because they think it is a scam. But in this case, it will engage people. 

The idea for the contest can be whatever you want — from drawings to pictures or even poems. Of course, the winners will get amazing prizes that they have worked hard for and that will cheer them up. This will help your conversion rate continue to rise even after the holiday. And you will also get great user-generated content for your social media accounts.

Gifts to Loyal Customers

Of course, you should never forget to express your gratitude to the subscribers or loyal customers through whom your business exists and prospers. You can write them an email where you will thank them and offer a special small bonus or a prize. 

Remember to take some time to sort your email list into different groups of the target audience when you send out the commercial emails. You may include various categories of discounted goods in these emails that your loyal customers will be happy about. Another great idea that’s sure to warm the hearts of your customers is to start with, “In appreciation for being our loyal customer and always with us, we’re offering you this product at a unique price.”

Gift Tips

Gift tips and special holiday guides are not only amazing but also quite useful ideas for both you and potential customers. This will be of great interest to consumers because so many people do not know what they would like to buy for themselves or give as a gift to someone. This is also a very good opportunity to showcase the goods that you want and will promote. 

Why not help your subscribers with what they are really lacking? You can also resort to a very interesting technique that some successful companies use. Give hints to your subscribers’ friends and family depending on what products a particular user has added to his or her cart.

Special Present Cards


According to statistics, more than 60 % of users would be insanely excited about gift cards. It is as effective as it is easy and simple. Selling such cards has been practiced for a very long time. It has already become something of an email marketing tradition. That said, it remains quite popular to this day. So, if you do not want to come up with something out of the ordinary, or if you like to do it quickly, but clearly and efficiently, then now is the time to use it to your advantage.

Forget Sales for a Moment

Christmas Eve is a time when you should forget about your inner marketer for a while. It is a good time to congratulate and thank your customers and subscribers for this wonderful holiday. Be sure that it will be many times nicer than even the biggest discounts and promotions. An excellent solution would be a letter with some warm holiday wishes written on it and supplemented with a nice picture or a mem. Ideally, it should be associated with comfort and home, which is exactly what the holidays bring us.

Post-Christmas Campaign

If Christmas has come and gone, that does not mean it has to be the end of your Christmas email marketing campaign.

It should never be forgotten that most people continue shopping and buying gifts even after the holidays. You need to take care of this so that users can benefit from discounts and shopping for the ongoing and continuing holiday season. This is another great time for promotions or specials. You can also share with subscribers your achievements from the past year and your plans for the next.


Now that you have been inspired by these ideas, you have a great opportunity to cheer up your subscribers with Christmas email campaigns. All that is left to do is put these ideas into action. 

But don’t forget that firstly, your emails need to be meaningful and really constructed in a clear and concise way, otherwise the clients won’t even want to read them. And secondly, you should not use the festive period to just flood people with sales letters. Remember to take the time to sincerely congratulate your subscribers. 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!