Most of the time, people opt for emails that are too boring to read and lack emotion. But this is not the impression you want to make. Right? 

In today’s era, where the digital age has arrived, your inboxes are much more valuable than you thought them to be. 

Inboxes are not empty, usually, they are full of messages, and you need to stand out over there if you want to make yourself seen. 

Let’s be honest, most of the time, virtual signs are just dry and lack creativity. In this blog, we will discuss how to craft an attractive email signature and track its performance. 

It is not a simple tool, rather, it can be a great conversation starter and is the most powerful weapon in your communication arsenal. 

So let’s ditch the yawn-inducing signatures and dive into the psychology of signature spotlight.

Generic Signature will Lead you Nowhere

Benefits of Email Signature Marketing

When was the last time you received an email signature which was looking like it was drawn by a robot and lacked any pizzazz? 

Do you think that these will leave a lasting impression? People are so well-connected today that no one’s DM is empty. 

These plain and simple signs are forgettable and generic, looking very similar to other brands, and you don’t want that. 

If you want to create an unforgettable impression, then take a lot of time to make an appealing autograph.

An online sign is not just a formality, instead, it is a valuable tool for connection and personal branding. 

It’s like the final impression you leave on every recipient, and an opportunity to showcase your personality and skills. 

Personalized virtual stamps are what drive great conversations that come out of curiosity. 

They can also work as an opening gambit since they point toward your hobbies, personality, interests, and sense of humor. 

This will in turn draw recipients, fostering deeper and long-lasting connections that can bring about greater opportunities in the future.

Elements of a Creative Signature Design

 How to Create a Professional Email Signature

Let’s explore things you need to know when designing a creative email signature that is both informative and professional.

  1. Basics Are A Must

    Have you ever heard the saying that “simplicity is the mother of sophistication”? Well, it also goes for email signatures. 

    If you want your sign to be creative and nice-looking, you need to ensure that they are simple. 

    Your name, company, and title should be present and easy to search. You can also add extras like social media links, phone numbers, etc.

  1. Don’t Underestimate Visual Appeal

    We as humans are always attracted to visually appealing objects. The same goes for an email signature. 

    If you want a classic look go for a serif font or if you are in search of some fun and playfulness, then go for a script font. 

    The color of your signature font will also have a say. If you want to make bold statements, then pick colors that are dark while for a more subtle approach, you can go for shades of pastel and peaches. 

  1. Logos and Images

    Give a thought to adding a company logo to a small image that reflects your professional essence. 

    You can experiment with different possibilities. And make sure it harmonizes with the overall design.

Design your email signature with mobile users in mind to connect to more customers faster than your competitors. 

How to Add a Signature to Gmail

Here’s a step-by-step guide to add signature to gmail that will help your company stand out among competitors.

  1. Open Gmail and Login to your Gmail account
  2. Now access Settings by clicking the gear icon located in the top right corner, and you will see all settings.
  3. The signature section is in the “General” tab and looks for the “Signature” section.
  4. Now create or manage your signature.
  5. It’s time to revel in the exciting part by crafting your signature, keeping in mind the prerequisites mentioned in the above section. 
  6. Once you are done with your signature, save the changes by clicking “save changes”. 

The graph below shows the digital signature market size by application in varied industries from 2015 to 2026. 

Digital Signature Market Size from 2015-2026.

How To Measure and Track Your Email’s Success

Your signature font has dual roles, it’s traceable as well as a micro-influencer. 

Large enterprises deploy both quantitative and qualitative methods to measure the success of emails with signatures. 

Tracking Through Click Rate

In the click rate tracking method, patterns and trends are analyzed and evaluated so that analytics can develop customization strategies for an optimized email sign strategy. 

Click Rate Tracking gives a deep understanding of what components of a signature are the most attention-grabbing and eventually helps increase brand awareness through it. 

It also provides insight into how the targeted audience responds to the content, which is a more-than-necessary factor when determining the success of any marketing endeavor. 

Here are some more key metrics that can help you track the success of your emails:

  • Open Rate: This measures the percentage of recipients who opened your online mail. It gives insight into your email’s subject line effectiveness and overall appeal.
  • Conversion Rate: If your goal is to drive specific actions like purchases or sign-ups, track the conversion rate to see how many recipients completed the desired action after clicking through your internet mail.
  • Email Forwarding/Shares: Measure how often your virtual mail is shared or forwarded by recipients. It indicates the level of interest and potential for organic growth.
  • Response Rate: If your email includes a call-to-action (CTA) to respond directly (e.g., reply for more information), track the response rate to gauge audience engagement.

Most email marketing platforms provide built-in analytics tools to track metrics. Well-known platforms like Mailchimp offer detailed insights into email performance, including open rates, CTR, and more.


Email signatures are an uncompromising asset for presenting personal branding, but they should not be elementary level. 

Enterprises should take sufficient time to analyze their online mail sign with the necessary tools along with special software solutions. 

It helps them to further re-optimize virtual autographs and make targeted marketing much easier and more successfull.