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So, you’ve put in a lot of work and effort into generating new leads. Made use of landing page campaigns and social media lead-gen strategies. But nothing works, This isn’t always the easiest of tasks. 

This is where email automation services come into play. While this may not be a brand new concept for you, it is still one of the best ways for lead generation with high conversions in 2023.

Just keep on reading to learn more about some of the best tips that can make you an email marketing automation pro.

Understanding Email Marketing Automation — The Basics

Before you dive headfirst into the world of email automation, you need to understand what it actually is. You may not believe it, but it’s not as impersonal as it sounds.

It is an incredible way to build a connection with your audience. If you are able to deliver awesome content that sits well with your lead’s behavior or intent then email marketing can help you drive more traffic, increase your social engagements, and also drive more sales.

Automated emails generate 320% more revenue than non-automated emails.

So, what can email marketing automation offer you?

Well, it can help you remain in touch with your leads and develop a better connection with your audience thanks to more engaging content. It can also streamline your entire marketing funnel and make your business the top choice for your customers.

While it takes skill to create an email campaign that is optimized and automated, but, once you understand the basics, it’s not that hard to achieve your goals.

Plan Your Automation Campaign

To create a successful campaign, you first need to figure out what you’re actually trying to achieve. 

Find out your goals. Do you have any outcomes in mind? Who exactly are you trying to target?

While some of your goals may be to build trust and improve business. Other must include creating an ongoing engagement with your customers, increasing the level of engagement on your social sites, driving more traffic, and converting your free trial customers into real paying ones

Some things that you can use to plan out this campaign include:

  • Make a list of your goals: This can help you realize how effective your automation campaign really is. Be as specific as possible when making the list.
  • Determine who your target audience is: It’s important to find your target demographic. Are they latent leads or new leads? Are they looking for the services you offer? Are they engaging with you on social media? 

Choose the Right Automation Software

When starting your email automation campaign, choosing the right kind of automation software or service is of the utmost importance.

There are a lot of email marketing services out there from free ones to premium paid ones. You need to choose one that offers services and customization options that can satisfy your business or brand’s needs.

Here are some of the most popular email marketing automation services that are popular in 2023:

1. EngageBay

2. SendX 

3. Email Octopus

4. Constant Contact

5. Mail Chimp

6. Ontraport

7. Benchmark

Benefits of email marketing automation.

Subtitle: Benefits of Email Marketing Automation.

Segmenting Your Funnels

Once you know more about your audience, keep in mind that not all of them are looking for the same thing from you. You cannot send them the same kind of mail.

With segmentation, you can create groups of email lists divided across various categories based on your audience’s interests.

When you use email, you have a ton of information that you can use to have a better understanding of your audience. And you can create specific content based on each demographic or category’s needs.

Add Your Personal Touch

While you may be creating great content, it may just become a futile effort if you do not understand why your audience should read your emails. Are you really solving their issues? 

If not then they are not going to even look at the amazing email that you put your precious hours drafting.

But do not be disappointed, there are actually people out there who would want to read through your content. You need to keep them engaged.

When you begin creating your email marketing funnel, it’s just not enough to solve all issues, you also need to appeal to them to have more questions for you so that you can create new content based on that.

A Seductive Call-to-Action

After you’ve created a great message that is full of value and personality, you need to focus on the Call-to-Action side of things.

When you get close to the end of your marketing automation funnel, create a CTA that appeals to your audience. Make them want to subscribe to your services. You know how every time you go to McDonalds to buy a burger and end up getting coke as well. Do that with your automation.

The more your audience thinks that they must have that service the more conversions you get.

Test, Track, And Optimize Your Results

It is important that you take your time to test your emails so that you can create completely optimized and automated email marketing campaigns. 

Make sure that you are testing your emails on each stage of the funnel.

Do A/B testing for all parts of your emails including the subject lines, the content, the CTA, the email triggers, the Date, time, and the frequency of your emails.

Also, be sure to track the results for KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) including delivery rates, open rates, sales conversion, unsubscribe rates, etc.  When you measure these analytics, you can optimize and prioritize your content for those who are regularly reading your content.

Never Give Up

Creating a great email marketing automation strategy is a mountain of work. It becomes important to set your priorities straight in the beginning. 

By following through with this guide you can become a pro at email marketing automation and build toward your long-term success.