It is crucial to understand that every business needs to be marketed in the right way in order to gain more revenue and a larger client base. One of the most important marketing tactics is Cold Emailing. If you are reading this, chances are that you own a business and want to land more clients on your business website. Whilst a lot of people are now focused on social media marketing and other tools, and while website design with the help of web builder platforms such as Editor X is a very prominent aspect to consider when aiming to amplify your business and its online presence, considering e-mails to be an outdated concept is the wrong marketing approach – one should remember the effectiveness of cold emails. Cold Emails can not only be personalized but are also a rather cost-effective and efficient method of marketing if done the right way. We give you the best email templates to encourage prospects to visit your website!

Personalise Your Emails

Emails are meant to be personal messages. It gives you direct access to a person’s attention. If your client realizes that the mail you have sent is a general “advertisement” message, they will not pay it any heed. Therefore, be direct and create an impact through the personalisation of your emails. Something as simple as replacing your greeting or salutation with a greeting and their name and beginning your e-mail with a personalized compliment would generate enough interest for the recipient to read on. For example

  • Hi James,

I came across your blog and found it rather fascinating, which prompted me to ask you….

  •  Hi Brenda,

Your Instagram account “Brenda’s Sales Secrets” is put together rather beautifully! I was wondering if…

Be Clear and Precise About Your Offering

Beating around the bush isn’t exactly ideal when it comes to cold emailing. With Step 1 you have earned their attention. Now you need to maintain their interest by offering them a proposition of high value that concerns and benefits them. Your probable client wants to get either of these three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to increase

  • Revenue
  • Conversion
  • Business Awareness

Being to the point and smart about what you have to offer and creating value in the following ways will increase your own site visits significantly.

  1. Highlight what they’re missing out on. For example
  • I notice that you do not have a website…
  • I was wondering if you have created an e-commerce website for your products…
  1. Follow it with what you can do for them, like
  • I can create a simple and clean website for your product for under $100
  • I can help you create an online store for your products within 15 days

Back Your Offering with Skill and Experience

It is not enough to show you can do a certain job. You also need to show “Why you are capable and qualified to do what you are offering”. You should mention the following features to back your offering:

Highlight Your USP

Show what is your specialty? What is it that you can do differently or in a more unique manner than the others? Example:

  • I have expertise in web design, especially in the field of E-commerce and online stores

Showcase Your Experience Level

Showing variety in your offering will give your clients the option to choose what fits best for them  

  • I can create landing pages, single-page websites, E-Commerce Stores, Multi-Page Websites 

To gain confidence, you can show how experienced you are in a certain field or niche. 

  • I have helped 7 restaurants to establish their online presence through their website
  • I have worked with similar websites for 25+ clients

Add a Link to Your Site or Portfolio

Making claims should be followed by giving proof. When you show your previous work through your portfolio, you show your prospects what you are capable of, how you have worked in the past, and what is your level of expertise. This also becomes a part of the next step.

Insert a Call to Action (CTA)

Now that you have provided all the necessary information one needs, you need to make them take the desired action, which is, to respond to you or reach out to you with their query. Remember, the easier you make for your prospect to do so, the more likely they are to act on it. A compelling CTA will be the best way to close your email. Example

  • Would you be interested in a quick 15-minute zoom call to discuss your requirements?
  • Are you available to connect this week?
  • Will you be interested in getting a quote for your website?


Cold Emailing is a very important marketing skill. But it does not have to be too complicated. This four-step formula will allow you to create your own winning template and gain conversions and site visits. You can also create an image-type email with hyperlinked CTAs or CTA buttons to get your prospects to convert!