Paying the developer for getting your website done sounds good but, real games start after it. Writing content and doing SEO seems hard when you are a novice. Writing words is not enough unless you do SEO as it is important for search engine indexing. Organic traffic can be attracted with effective SEO techniques. It raises confidence in the blog or business owner when organic traffic interacts with the website. 

How quickly you can make 10 thousand regular organic visitors depends on how you start your SEO and which link-building strategies you followed. There are hundreds of guides available online to learn SEO and link-building techniques. 

The writer should take advantage of different SEO resources to include backlinks in the content. Backlinks can be internal or external. Internal applies for backlinks directing to some content given on the same site. External backlinks apply for links directing to some content present on sites other than the present. Both are effective in SEO writing. 

You may have noticed that if you install Yoast SEO plugin in your WordPress plugin and, check the content, you see both options. On applying the keyword, SEO suggestions are made. Scrolling down you will find some weak points that are indicating things you missed. In there, you will see internal links are missing or outgoing links are missing. Such kinds of plugins have AI support and can detect which is internal and which is external. 

A perfect SEO article contains at least 1 internal and 1 external backlink. Now, let’s explore how you can do this. 

There are numerous link building techniques including,

Guest Posts

  • Old-fashioned technique
  • Not Google Supported
  • Need to be done intelligently to avoid the trap of Google algorithm detecting guest posting elements
  • Most effective
  • The easiest technique of backlinks
  • Outreaching is easy
  • Pitching becomes easy
  • Effective Seo link building strategy
  • The minimum effort needed and generate good-quality backlinks
  • Journalist queries can be scanned to find the best fit
  • Journalist quarries range in all niche types

Purchasing Expired Domains

  • Expired domains with high DA are purchased
  • Advanced strategy but Black Hat SEO
  • You can still try a white-hat SEO strategy with this technique. 
  • Broken link building

Skyscraper Technique

  • Analyze SERPs for the main keyword
  • Use of graphics
  • Reproducing content of competitors with advanced information
  • Effective for small businesses
  • Find related postcard interviews
  • Effective in the marketing perspective
  • Find the main keyword, analyze SERP, and select podcast analysis.
  • Not a white-hat SEO technique
  • Exchanging backlinks to boost sales
  • Use of keyword research tools
  • Not recommended
  • Excessive link exchanges are not recommended and banned by Google
  • Reciprocal link exchange practice
  • 3-way link exchange

Unlinked Mentions

  • Effective for known brands
  • Time-taking if done manually
  • Save time using

Take Away!!

Given above are some of the backlink-building strategies and, a short description is provided. Guest posting is a favorite technique and is used to date but, as Google doesn’t recommend, so alternatives should be tried. Social proof link building or Link exchange techniques should not be used. To avoid being penalized by Google, use white-hat SEO techniques. 

The main goal of every SEO technique is to bring organic visitors and boost revenue. Hence, you should not dodge google and do little research before applying any strategy. It will save you from unseen risks. Other techniques include Link Roundups, competitor backlink analysis, etc.