People who want to go into business for themselves and be their own boss should consider starting a cleaning business. By owning this type of business, a person can set a schedule that works for their lifestyle and set their own rates. Below are helpful tips for people ready to quit their day jobs and start their own housecleaning company. 

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Technology Makes Operating Cleaning Businesses a Breeze

In the past, a person starting their own cleaning business would find themselves taking a lot of notes on paper. If the business owner lost their notes, they could be in trouble. Today, company owners using software from Launch 27 have it easy. This type of software is excellent for creating and organizing cleaning schedules, verifying payments, and more. 

Be Prepared by Ordering Supplies in Advance and Saving Receipts

While a person may assume it could take some time to get their first client, staying ahead of the game is essential. Make a list of the cleaning supplies and equipment the company will need. It is wise to go ahead and purchase the supplies so everything is ready to go when the first call comes in. Be sure to save receipts for anything related to the business, as the company owner will need proof of expenses at tax time to claim deductions based on business expenses.

Family and Friends Make Great Customers

When people are just starting, they typically ask friends and family if they need cleaning services. Don’t be surprised if people jump on the opportunity and saturate the cleaning schedule. It’s common for people to find out that they don’t need additional clients when starting their business, as all of their friends, family, past co-workers, and phone contacts have booked up their new cleaning schedule.

Start Advertising to Bring in Additional Customers

There are many ways to bring in new business for people who need clients. Put up flyers in local businesses, coffee shops, libraries, schools, and anywhere else that allows people to post flyers and business cards advertising their business. Consider starting a website and promoting the business virtually on social media.

Look for local Facebook groups that allow individuals to advertise services and businesses on certain days of the month, such as on Mondays or Fridays. Also, consider posting information about the cleaning service on LinkedIn, Craigslist, and anywhere else that allows business owners to create an account and post their company information for free. Finally, if all free resources have been exhausted, and a person still needs additional clients, consider taking out an ad in a local newspaper or paying for an ad on Facebook or other social media platforms.

Follow Local Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines

Keep in mind that a professional cleaning business must be registered and follow local, county, and state guidelines. If income is over a specified amount, typically six hundred dollars per year, the income must be reported to the IRS. Research to make sure that all guidelines regarding cleaning businesses are followed.

A cleaning business can be a lucrative career if the business owner follows all applicable guidelines. One easy way to keep up with business income is by using the software offered by Launch 27. This is a great path to consider for people needing a flexible schedule and for those who are tired of working for someone else.