The PMP certification offers lots of benefits and opportunities to the person who is successfully certified with this program. Project Management Institute (PMI) offers this amazing certification program to all the professionals that want to specialize in project management. 

So, if you want to pursue this outstanding certification, start preparing for the exams today. As these exams are very tough and expensive. Moreover, you can click here for more info.

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Eligibility of the Certification

The PMI sets the specific guideline and eligibility criteria for the PMP certification applicants. This eligibility process is done based on education, skills, management-level understanding, and degree. So, some of the important requirements must be: 

  • Associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or even high diploma degree. 
  • Project management education of 35 contact hours.
  • Some required documents such as educational certificates, ID proofs, certificates of all the additional courses, etc. 

Time Required to Prepare for PMP Exam

The total time spent in preparation can be for the PMP exams, follow the certain steps: 

Steps to Complete PMP Certification Process

Every organization or exam follows its own set of rules. Similarly, to obtain PMP certification you have to go through a certain process. Apart from studies and hard work, there are many more things to do. 

Step 1: Follow the PMP Training

Only a bookish course is not enough for PMP, it needs skills and proper training. The training course provides you the practical skills and teaches you how to manage certain situations. 

Therefore, it is highly important to follow the training part. However, you have obtained the Certified Associate In Project Management (CAPM), and you are no longer needed to follow the training course. You can also find more information on the PMI website. 

Step 2: Submit the PMP Application

You can easily apply for the PMP exams online. Be ready with all your proof of eligibility to submit once the application gets accepted. 

Step 3: Date of Exam

When your application gets approved, you need to pay for your exam. Sign in to the PMI member, and start your preparation accordingly. 

Tips to Follow During PMP Exams

While preparing for this exam, you need to be extra cautious with time and your study material. To make the effective use of time, follow the below-given tips: 

  • Know the syllabus
  • Go through every useful detail 
  • Buy different important reference books
  • Understand the concept and revise it every day, so that you don’t forget the parts.
  • Once you are done with these guides and books, get yourself the practice sets.
  • These practice sets help you to attain the question within a given time limit if done correctly.
  • Give numerous mock tests, and learn new or revise old things regularly. 
  • For practical training, make your daily routine strict and follow the skill-based work. 

Now you are all set for your PMP exams. If you make use of these tips effectively, you can easily cut out tough words from the PMP exam. This means you can easily crack the exam, and prepare yourself for training and other elements of the process of obtaining PMP certification.