The Certified Information System Auditor certification exam is issued by Information Systems Audit And Control Association (ISACA). CISA is a very verified and designated post awarded by ISACA. Once you clear this exam, you get validated as an expert in IT security and enjoy all the leverages to stay ahead in your career. This certification program demonstrates information technology proficiency in various other realms like government institutes, compliances, and risks. 

CISA is itself the most reliable and advantageous auditor certification exam. It is a globally recognized certificate program, which ANSI has accredited. So, if you too want to give this exam, read the full info here.

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Understanding CISA Certification

The CISA is certified and designed by ISACA. When you get fully certified with a CISA certificate, you are ready to experience auditing, compliance reports, controls over institutes, and various useful skills and knowledge. Getting this CISA certificate does not indicate that you are only trained or have gained proficiency in any specific kind of IT software or tool. Other than this, there are various benefits to cracking this exam. 

Today, the demand for information software auditing, skills, and control is increasing, and thus, it is good to opt for the CISA certificate exam. This exam is globally accepted and preferred.  

CISA Exam Pattern and Time

Now that we understand the CISA exam, it is likely to wonder about its exam pattern. The time duration of the CISA exam is four hours. The mode of examination is online computer-based. There are 200 to 800 points of multiple-choice questions in the exam with approximately 150 questions. You must get enough knowledge of IS and IT auditing, market expertise, and peer networking process to cover the pattern. To prepare for it, you can find here cisa practice exam. 

Estimated Salary

A CISA-certified person works in a job, and the certificate itself provides job security. This means a CISA person can never be jobless since it is accepted worldwide. But what about its salary. It is estimated that a certified CISA gets nearly 60,000 dollars to 130000 dollars every year. Once you get the CISA certificate, you can also apply to the information systems audit manager post, where you will enjoy 73000 dollars to 150000 dollars. 

Domains Covered in CISA Exams

The CISA exam mainly covers the five realms. All these five realms are seen, and on this basis, only candidates are examined. So you must focus on these five domains and make sure you are perfectly prepared for them. 

  • Information system auditing process 
  • Governance and management of information technology
  • Information systems operations and business resilience 
  • Protection of information assets
  • Information system development, acquisition, imp. 

CISA Exam Requirements

To appear in the CISA exam, you need to fulfill these requirements:

  • To apply for this exam, you must have five years of training or professional experience in controlling, IT security, and auditing. 
  • You should have a degree of almost two to four years in IS, or non IS audit.
  • You must be mastered IS or IT from the best-credentialed university. 

Hence, these are the important things that we all should know about the CISA exam before we apply for it. Now that you have understood all the ISACA – CISA exams, it’s time for you to prepare for it.