The holiday sales season is about to take a peak again later this year! When it arrives, you should be ready with your ideas to craft the Black Friday email campaigns and attain greater profits throughout the season. Black Friday sales can be triggered to reach a peak point for a brand with ideal email marketing solutions.

The problem with most brands is that they wait till the last moment to plan out their email campaign for Black Friday, which should not be the case! You should not count it as any regular holiday season, as it is a high earning potential! It should be your necessity to drive the sales when your competitors take measures to go ahead of you.

Therefore, this article aims to educate you with the rightful tips that you can adapt to increase your sales during the Black Friday season.

1. Increase your Email Subscriber List

If you are a new brand and have no email subscribers’ list so far, then you should get one right away! It is pretty much handy for you to plan out your Black Friday email campaign. Black Friday is termed the biggest shopping weekend of any year. Therefore, you should have all the assets you need to leverage the maximum potential out of it.

To boost the email subscriber list, you will have to improve your brand’s offerings. You need to focus on that; these improvement measures should be taken before the Black Friday sales begin! Along with that, count on changing the sign-up form to let your audience know about the holiday season offerings. Put up some theme, and draw attention from your targeted audience.

2. Get the Right Email Marketing Platform

This should be the first consideration, but putting up in the second because having an email list is more important, without which the email marketing platform will be of no use. So, go ahead and look for the ideal email marketing service provider that can help you reach out to your target audience. Constant Contract is one such trusted partner to help you out in the process.

Follow the link as here you can read about a trusted partner that can help your business thrive in Black Friday sales. They will help you out with affordable email services, perfect Black Friday templates, and everything else you need to run a successful marketing campaign.

3. Begin the Sales Before the Black Friday Weekend Begins

Keep in mind that your Black Friday email marketing campaign should not begin right on the weekend days. The promotions for the sales offerings should begin before the date arrives. Constant Contract can help you schedule those emails and start sending them a couple of weeks before the Black Friday weekend arrives.

Most of the target audience of different companies are already prepared with the information about the Black Friday sales of their preferable brands. So, you should not miss out on the opportunity for your respective audience as well. Therefore, begin your promotions before the weekend, and start making the Black Friday sales.

4. Do Not Forget the Existing Customers

Just for the sake of growing your email subscriber list, you should not intend to forget the existing customers. If you put up all your attention to draw new customers with your Black Friday promotion without nurturing the existing ones, you will eventually lose them. This negative strategy might just deteriorate your customer retention strategy. Don’t let that happen!

You can run different email marketing campaigns for your Black Friday season. One should focus upon drawing the attention of new potential leads, while the other should focus on nurturing the existing customers with different offers on repeat purchases or new purchases. This should be the email marketing strategy that will increase your sales during the Black Friday season.

5. Put up Something Special for VIP Customers

Do you have some customers who purchase your products or services over your competitors? If yes, you should emphasize doing something special for them during the holiday season. It is because there is a high chance that they will look up to your brand for the Black Friday sales. So, it is a good opportunity to bag more sales.

The two things that you can do to entertain the VIP customers are:

  • Offer them early access to the sales discounts.
  • Offer them a limited-time free gift add-on with their purchases.

If you are offering them early access, you should do it only one or two weeks before Black Friday weekend. It will give them sufficient time to book their orders and give you a healthy amount of sales even before the sales begin. And if you are offering free gifts, give them something that goes well with the product and is usable. For instance, if you are selling smartwatches, give an additional watch band as a gift!

The gift should be an accessory or add-on to the product or service that you offer to the VIP customers. Hence, this is how you can make the most out of your Black Friday email marketing campaign. Send them emails before your competitor finds the opportunity to do the same.


So, these are the 5 important tips that you must follow to derive the best outcomes from your Black Friday sales. Email marketing is still one of the best modes of promoting your business to many leads within your target audience. You need to keep upgrading the campaign and strategy depending upon the occasions and seasons. Therefore, take the chance to learn more about email marketing strategies from the interactive posts, stories, and technical articles to understand how you can improve it with the change of trends. Hence, this will help you win more customers and bag more sales to generate impeccable revenue. Make a target in terms of sales, and direct your marketing approaches accordingly to achieve them. Eventually, it will help you out to stay ahead of your customers.