Email marketing remains one of the top digital marketing strategies. Companies that use email marketing can reap the benefits it offers.

Implementing an email marketing campaign allows companies to reach out to their customer base, sending information and offers that may entice them to invest in their products or services. It also keeps regular customers informed about any changes occurring within the business, some of which they might be interested in hearing.

Creating an email marketing campaign can be challenging. Companies want to ensure that the campaign is engaging enough that customers interact with the content shared. It is also a valuable tool for generating new leads that could later lead to sales. These sales help with the growth of the business. Implementing a successful email marketing campaign is a goal many companies strive to achieve.

If you are looking for ways to improve your next email marketing campaign, here are a few tips to consider trying.

Add Layer of Personality

Email marketing campaigns can feel formal and corporate. Monotone-sounding emails can cause people to lose interest quickly whilst reading them. If the first few lines of an email are not engaging, the chances are small that they will read the rest of the email.

Try adding personality to the email to make it feel like it is not a sales email but more of a friend reaching out. Adding character to an email can also help make the message more memorable. Customers are also more likely to engage with what is included.

Create Engaging Subject Lines

An inbox inundated with emails can be overwhelming. Aside from the number of emails in their inbox, another factor people will notice when checking their emails is the subject lines used. If an email has an engaging or intriguing headline, a customer might be more inclined to click on it and read the information contained within.

When preparing the next email marketing campaign, spend time considering what the subject line will be. Create an engaging subject line that could stand out amongst the other emails in a full inbox. It can help increase customers’ chances to read the email and engage with the content sent.

Don’t Forget About Other Screens

Most customers do not use their laptops or computer screens to view emails. Many will use their tablets or mobile device to check and read the emails sitting in their inboxes. When designing the upcoming email marketing campaign, ensure that employees have considered how the email looks on various screens.

If the email sent has not been designed for mobile devices, customers might be more inclined to delete it or ignore it. This issue is easily avoided with careful planning of how the email looks on multiple device screens.

When creating email templates, check to see that you have the most updated version of the software used. Lob has offered a guide to docker desktop alternatives if you want to save money. These docker desktop alternatives can help to provide similar results but with an affordable price tag.

Monitor Feedback and Engagement

With each email marketing campaign, ensure that the team monitors the feedback and engagement. Monitoring what the response is like can help gain a deeper understanding of the customers and what content they are the most likely to engage with.

Collecting this information can help employees with designing the next email marketing campaign. They can use the data gathered to identify what works and what doesn’t. It can also highlight any areas that could benefit from improvements being made.

Choose the Right Time of Day

It might not seem as though it could make much of a difference, but the time of day an email is sent could help to increase engagement. If emails are sent and land in the inbox of its sending list in the early morning hours, they are less likely to open those emails. If their inboxes are often overflowing with emails, most customers are more likely to open the emails that feature at the very top of their inbox.

When planning to send the email marketing campaign, consider the time of day the emails will hit the inbox. Research suggests that many Americans check their emails in the morning. Try and aim to send emails early in the morning or midday. It will mean the email is sitting at the top of their inbox. If it has an engaging headline, it further increases the chances of opening that email and potentially interacting with the content you have sent.

The Bottom Line

Implementing one or a combination of these strategies could help make a noticeable difference in your company’s next email marketing campaign. Trial a few of these strategies and monitor the results it has. The results may encourage you to trial a few more.