Yahoo mail has been serving users for decades with the uncompromised quality, reliability, and security to maintain and share data. Currently, billions of users rely upon Yahoo and regularly use its different services such as Yahoo services like Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Instant Messenger, Yahoo Groups, and most importantly Yahoo mail.

Yahoo mail’s popularity has another explanation and that is compatibility when configured with various third-party clients on different devices. But, all we need to know is that syncing Yahoo mail with other platforms could not take place without correct Yahoo mail configuration settings i.e. “Yahoo Mail Server Settings”. Using these settings you can set up Yahoo on desktop, Android devices, Outlook, Thunderbird, and more. 

Yahoo Mail IMAP Settings for Receiving and Viewing Emails

Internet Mail Access Protocol aka IMAP is used to sync data on multiple devices and hence can be called the finest way to set up Yahoo mail settings on desktop or mobile mail app. It consists of two major syncing features and thus it makes it easier to manage incoming emails on your PCs and mobile devices. 

To configure the Yahoo IMAP server, the following settings will help:

POP3 Mail Server Settings for Configuring Yahoo MailYahoo Login Information
Incoming Server HostName – Address –complete Yahoo email address (
Incoming Mail Server Port – 993Password –Yahoo account’s password
Requires SSL Encryption – YesRequires Authentication – Yes
Requires Authentication – Yes

Yahoo Mail POP3 Server Settings for Receiving Emails

POP stands for Post Office Protocol is used to set up Yahoo Mail in a desktop or mobile app. This server setting is meant to download the incoming emails from the server to the local device. In other words, it helps you manage emails in an offline manner without even accessing the email server to find out emails.

POP3 is necessary to maintain and configure emails on multiple devices. To configure Yahoo POP3 email settings, use the information given below:

POP3 Mail Server Settings for Configuring Yahoo MailYahoo Login Information
Incoming Server HostName – Address –full Yahoo email address such as (
Incoming Mail Server Port – 995Requires SSL Encryption – YesPassword –Yahoo account’s password
Requires Authentication – YesRequires Authentication – Yes

Important Note: Experts recommend using IMAP instead of using the POP3 server because it is more feature-rich as well as it is highly advanced. So, people who use multiple devices should rely upon IMAP, but for those who use only a single device for managing emails, POP is a decent option.

Yahoo Mail SMTP Server Settings for Sending Outbound Messages

SMTP server settings of Yahoo mail are meant to operate sending emails from Yahoo mail. So, having an SMTP server configured on your email app is necessary; no matter whether you have used IMAP or POP settings for your Yahoo account. With SMTP settings, you determine the appropriate sending of emails from your Yahoo account. Without setting up the SMTP server settings, the mail application or third-party client won’t let you use a Yahoo account for sending emails. Hence, it is necessary to configure your Yahoo Mail with the outgoing server, using Yahoo SMTP settings.

POP3 Mail Server Settings for Configuring Yahoo MailYahoo Login Information
Outgoing Server HostName – Address –full Yahoo email address such as (
Outgoing Server Port – 465 (with SSL) or 587(with TLS)Password –Yahoo account’s password
Requires SSL Encryption– Yes
Requires TLS Encryption – Yes (if available)
Requires Authentication – Yes
Requires Authentication – Yes

As of now, you have a clear picture of Yahoo mail IMAP, POP3, and SMTP settings, it is the right time to know the steps to set up a Yahoo account on an email program or a third-party client. For this, just go through the instructions given below:

  • First, launch the third-party email clients of the email app on your devices such as Outlook, Mailbird, or Mozilla Thunderbird, on your smartphone or desktop.
  • Next, you need to enter your Full name and Yahoo email address.
  • After entering your name, open the tab for account server settings and now enter the Yahoo IMAP or POP servers for incoming server and SMTP server settings for the outgoing server.

To make it clear, the basic steps that would involve setting up Yahoo mail on third-party email clients vary for different platforms. To epitomize, for MS Outlook, you need to go to Settings > Mail > POP or IMAP’ to enter the incoming server settings and then move to ‘More Settings > SMTP’ and provide outgoing server settings of your Yahoo Mail. 

To conclude, the information given above would help you configure SMTP, IMAP, and POP server settings without any halt and deal with Yahoo server setting errors. You need to make sure that your device is connected to a stable internet connection through the configuration process.

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