The app Snapchat is a mixed bag that has gained immense popularity because of its key features: snaps of moments, maps, friendship profiles, instant messaging, memory roll, sharing, and viewing stories. 

The key highlight of the popular instant messaging app Snapchat is that messages can disappear after viewing them once. 

As a person, if you want to keep track of who your children or your loved ones are speaking to, for their safety reasons, we have got you covered!

So, how to see who someone is snapping at? That’s what we’re going to find out today. Also, on Bimscape you will find useful articles about other social networks!

Why Is Snapchat a Popular Choice?

Disappearing messages aren’t the sole reason Snapchat is popular among its users, but they are the reason people search for “How to see who someone is talking to on Snapchat?” 

There are several other reasons behind this.

The messaging experience is more than just sending texts to a friend or group, with it users can send selfies, take short videos, and even send an audio clip when they’re too tired to type. 

There are also many fun filters, so sharing images becomes much more fun. 

As you already know, the messages on Snapchat disappear after viewing, one can set them to have no delays at all. However, there’s also the option to set a 24-hour window before the messages disappear forever. 

This zero delay and smooth user experience are the main reasons behind the messaging app’s popularity.

Did You Know?

Snapchat awareness

 84% of social media users in the U.S. have Snapchat awareness

How to See Who Someone is Talking to on Snapchat?

So, how can you see who someone is Snapchatting? There are a couple of ways. Let’s start with the apparent ways before moving on to other alternatives.

Using Built-In Features

Using Built-In Features

You can guess who someone is talking to on Snapchat using just the app, and the most obvious is to check out a friend’s “Story.” 

People generally post stories about the people that they’re in contact with, so this is a good place to get started. 

You can also check the Snap Map to see who they’re with by checking their positions on the map. If they appear in the same position on the map if they’re with mutual friends. Based on that, you can connect the dots and guess who they’re snapping with.

Using Monitoring Apps

Using Monitoring Apps

If the built-in features don’t work for you, third-party tracking apps can always help. You must have noticed some of these apps appear in search results when looking up “How to tell if someone is messaging on Snapchat?

Here are two of the most popular third-party tracking apps:

1. mSpy


2. Eyezy


Both tracking apps have a social media monitoring feature that lets you track who someone is messaging or calling remotely. However, it requires installing associated tracker apps on the target phone.

Hopefully, now you know how to see who someone is talking to on Snapchat.

Fun Fact!
Statistics have revealed that 20.3% of Snapchat users are under 18!

Key Security Features of Snapchat

Key Security Features of Snapchat

When you’re trying to find out how to see who someone is snapping, you may realize that it requires great effort because the Snapchat team takes users’ privacy very seriously. 

It’s something you can observe across all the app’s key features.

Also, do check out for details on what to do about it.

Speaking of critical features, look at some of the best ones:

Ephemeral Messaging

Ephemeral Messaging

It is the main feature that puts Snapchat on the map. The Ephemeral Messaging feature allows users to converse freely without worrying about privacy. 

As mentioned, users can set messages to disappear instantly or after 24 hours. It’s also why people are interested in finding out how to tell if someone is messaging on Snapchat.

During the conversation, if someone tries to take a screenshot to share details about the exchange, a notification is sent in the chat to inform chat members about it. 

This is why it’s impossible to share sensitive information with others secretly.

End-to-End Encryption

End-to-End Encryption

Similar to WhatsApp, Snapchat also uses end-to-end encryption for messages, which means no one other than the sender and recipient can intercept the message.

For iPhone users, the message preview option is turned off in Snapchat. So, if a person wanted to take a sneak peek at a Snapchat message on someone else’s phone, it wouldn’t work.

Snap Map

Snap Map

Snap Map is a quick way of discovering where your friends are and what they’re doing. But this only works with permission from the user. It only works when someone allows Snapchat to track and share their location with friends.

It’s possible to customize this in the settings. So, if you are wondering, “Can you see who someone is Snapchatting with the Snap Map?” it won’t work if they turn off location sharing with Snapchat.

Did You Know?

active users

Snapchat had 414 million daily active users worldwide in the first quarter of 2023!

Finishing Up

If you’ve read everything so far, you should know now how to see who someone is talking to on Snapchat. 

If you’re worried about your children or loved ones and want to keep track of their online activity on the app, third-party apps like mSpy or Eyezy can help you. Thousands of users around the world trust them.