Are you a Verizon Email user? And facing downtime with it as you have deleted some important emails mistakenly and are unable to recover them. Firstly I will suggest do not panic and secondly, here onwards you will be provided with certain solutions to tackle the issue. 

But before that, I would like to share an experience of one of my friends Martin who also faced the same incident in the past. 

It was summer and after having a long ride he arrived at his home recently. Immediately after reaching home, he opened up the laptop, logged in to the Verizon email, and started searching for any newly received email. After a while, he replied to some urgent emails but while deleting the promotional emails, he accidentally deleted one of the most vital emails. Later, after a week he realized the mistake and started searching for the solutions to tackle it but could not opt for the same as he was not tech-savvy. Afterward, he rang up me and I sorted out the solution on call. 

So, similar to Martin, there are so many users outside who are facing this issue but because of the non-availability of the solutions, they are helpless. A proof is added below for the same.

Verizon deleted emails

Before getting into the solutions to recover deleted Verizon emails, I would like to share the reasons why users face this issue.

Top-notch reasons:

  1. Checking the emails in Hurry
    It might be possible that you lack in availability of time and due to this shortage, you do not give a proper time span to the emails. As a result, you end up deleting the wrong email.
  2. Not Sure Enough
    While reading the email you get yourself in the dilemma of whether to delete it or not. Maybe because you do not understand the email at that time. In this case, you opt for the wrong decision and delete the vital email.
  3. Poor Internet Connection
    Sometimes, lacking proper internet connectivity results in the inaccessibility of the website. So, it might be possible that emails are not loading properly and because of it, you see limited emails, leading you to think that you have deleted some vital email.

So, these were some reasons why users got to delete important emails unknowingly. 

Before diving directly into solutions. It is necessary to understand the important points about the restoration of the emails.

Important Points About Email Restoration Process

Before you undergo directly the procedure of recovering deleted Verizon email. It is a must to acknowledge certain rules about it. These are mentioned below.

  1. Emails can be recovered within 7 days of their deletion 
  2. Once requested for the recovery, it can not be canceled
  3. Complete recovery of emails is not assured
  4. Recovered messages will be added back to the origin folder
  5. Emails residing inside the spam folder will not be restored
  6. If the origin folder is deleted, the emails will be recovered to the Inbox
  7. Emails belonging to the sent, archive, and the draft folder will be sent back to the respective folders.

Note- One of the main points I would like to mention here is that Verizon does not provide email service anymore and all its users have been transferred to the AOL platform. 

Solutions To Retrieve Emails in Verizon

After having discussed reasons and important points about the restoration of the emails, it is time to start with the solutions and these are summarized below.

Solution 1: Check Spam and Trash Folder

If you did not find the required email in the Inbox, try searching them in another folder like Spam, Trash, or any other folder. Sometimes, the wrong filtration causes the email to get moved to some other folder. If you found your deleted emails, it is great else lookup for some other solutions lined up ahead.

One important point to note here is that you should disable filters (if applied any), so that upcoming emails do not become a victim of it and get transferred to other folders. 

Solution 2: Disable Third-Party App or Extension

It might be possible that any third-party app, extension, or add-on is creating a hindrance in the proper functioning of the Verizon Email Account. In order to have the email account working flawlessly, it is necessary to have the extensions or third-party apps disabled. To achieve it you may disable them one by one and keep checking whether the email account is functioning normally or your emails are being shown up appropriately or not.

Solution 3: Clear Cache and Cookies

Sometimes, aggregation of the cache and cookies of the browser causes the error as these do not let the browser come up with fresh content. So, it might be possible that because of this reason you are not being shown up with the recently received emails. Here, comes the need of clearing the cache and cookies, and the process to do it is quite easy. Let us understand it while taking the example of Google Chrome. Let us proceed with clearing the cache and cookies of Google Chrome.

  • Step 1: Open up the Menu in Google Chrome
  • Step 2: Go to the “settings” option from the several options available
  • Step 3: Next choose the “Security and Privacy” option from the left pane, also shown in the below image
security and privacy
  • Step 4: Choose “Clear Browsing Data” from the options from the right pane.
clear browsing data
  • Step 5: Now, tap on the “advanced” tab and choose the “Clear Data” button

By following the above steps, you will have the “browsing data” cleared and chances of receiving the latest emails will enhance to a greater extent.

Solution 4: Change the Password

I am not sure about it but the chances are your email account has gone hacked. This could be the main reason if you are not able to see certain emails and some emails have gone deleted. So, in order to cope with this, first and foremost change the email password as soon as possible. Later, check whether it has any effect on your emails.

So, these were the solutions, if you were looking to recover deleted Verizon emails. Apart from this, several points regarding the emails restoration process have also been included and if still, the issue persists you reach the respective customer support and get the issue resolved.

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