AOL mail is a free web-based email service provider and belongs to Verizon communications. Similar to other email service providers like Gmail and Yahoo mail, it offers users unlimited mailbox size, spam, virus protection, and much more. In order to allow users to browse emails on an email client, AOL supports several protocols i.e. POP3, SMTP, and IMAP. One of the important points regarding AOL is that if you keep an email account inactive for more than 90 days, the email account will get deactivated automatically. Additionally, if the email account remains inactive for more than 180 days, it will lead the account to permanent deletion. 

After recalling some important points about AOL, let us proceed with the most encountered problem that users face from time to time, called accidentally deleted emails.

Sometimes, people delete the email intentionally, and sometimes it is done unintentionally. In the latter part, people struggle a lot as they delete those essential emails which were not intended to be deleted. Afterward, users try to find ways to recover the deleted emails. 

If still, you are wondering, why is it needed to recover the deleted emails? The answer is quite simple, maybe because those emails have important information like a most needed business proposal, confirmation messages about your paid bills, and some other vital details. I also have faced this issue in the past. I remember, at that time I did not know why but accidentally I deleted the most important email which was from the side of one of my clients, and to recover I went through so many solutions and succeeded. So, here in this article, I am about to show you the detailed solutions of how to recover deleted emails, so that you do not struggle as much as I did.

So, let us begin with the solutions to recover deleted AOL emails. 

Solutions To Recover Deleted AOL Emails

Are you wondering how to recover permanently deleted emails from AOL? If yes, here, in forthcoming passages, find the solutions to tackle the same. These solutions are effective for AOL users and have been tested by so many. 

Solution 1: Recover AOL Deleted Emails From Trash

If you have deleted the email accidentally or whatever be the reason for it. I would like to state here that its recovery is possible but it should not have been deleted for more than 7 days, else you will have to follow the next solution mentioned ahead. 

To recover such emails, you will have to follow the below-mentioned steps, have a look.

Step 1: Take up any web browser and open up the AOL website

Step 2: Put your eyes on the top left corner and click on the “Envelope” icon

Step 3: Now, a new interface of AOL Email will be opened

Step 4: Log in to it, by entering the correct credentials (i.e. username and password)

Step 5: Once logged in, search and click on the “Trash” option from the left side.

Step 6: The trash window will open up and all the recently deleted emails will be visible here

Step 7:  Choose the email which you want to recover

Step 8: Click on the “Action” button and choose “Move to Inbox” as shown in the image

 AOL Trash

Step 9: Now go to “Inbox” to check whether the email has been recovered or not.

So, by undergoing the above-mentioned steps, you will have the email recovered easily from the “Trash” folder. But if the deleted email has surpassed the minimum threshold of 7 days i.e. has crossed the time period of 7 days, in that case, that specific email can not be recovered through the “Trash” folder and you need to follow the recovery steps as mentioned in solution 2.

Solution 2: Recover AOL Deleted Emails from Server

If you are curious to know, “How to recover deleted AOL emails older than 7 days?” You have landed on the right solution as here, the answer to this specific question will be provided shortly.

The only solution to recover deleted or lost Verizon AOL emails is that you should contact the respective customer support. Also, the emails data are not stored on your computer and are stored on the server. So, if you are willing to restore the deleted email, contact the administrator of the server. This facility is available to those who are premium users and if you are a free user of AOL email, you will have to buy the subscription of AOL email before recovering the deleted emails.

Solution 3: Use Email Recovery Software

If you are accessing the webmail of AOL emails, there is no way of recovering the deleted emails other than the two solutions mentioned above. You can not use any third-party software to recover the deleted emails.

But if you have been using AOL email on the email client eg, Outlook, Mailbird, Thunderbird, etc., and mistakenly deleted any email, you may use any popular email recovery software and get the deleted emails recovered. After installing the recovery software, you may lookup for the instructions to recover the deleted email from the respective email client.

Tips to Avoid Loss of AOL Emails

You may recover deleted emails using the solutions provided above but it has always been said that the “precaution is better than cure”. So, here I am providing some tips, following which you may easily keep an eye on the emails and surely, it will help you to get rid of the problem of mistakenly deleting the emails. So, let us proceed.

  1. Keep checking the “Trash” folder from time to time. This way you will keep yourself in touch with the recently deleted emails and chances of deletion of an important email will reduce to an extent.
  2. Make a habit of reading every email before its deletion. It will help you to keep track of important emails and surely this will enhance the chances of non-deletion of a vital email.
  3. If you are not sure whether the specific email should be deleted or not or whether the email is that important or not. In that case, make a separate folder and give it any name. Further, if you are not sure about any email, move it to that recently created folder. This way, all those emails about which you were not sure enough, will be saved to a new secure location and in the future, you do not have to worry whether the email is deleted or not. Also, your “Inbox” will remain in good structure as well.   

After having completed the above solutions you will easily get the deleted AOL emails recovered and if not, you might have got the idea of how to take care of important mail in the coming future. If still, the problem persists, you may contact the customer service of AOL emails and ask them to resolve the AOL issues you are encountering, as soon as possible, also tell them what solutions you have already gone through.